The Things You Absolutely Have to Do on a Family Day Trip to London

Ah, the day trip to London, so much fun, so much stress, especially for a mum! London is an amazing place with some great things for the family to do together, with some sights you simply have to see! Follow these tips for what to see in London on a day trip, and how to survive it!:

1) Book your train well in advance!

The best tip you can hope to get for a trip to London is to book your trains well in advance. Into London, trains can be costly! It is also worth looking at deals online and finding out the fastest train that can get you there. You will want to be there as quickly as possible, especially if you are traveling with kids! If you book early, you could get a deal for the quickest train; some even come with cheaper tickets to attractions once you’re there.

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2) Pack food

Again, London is a costly place and packing food, either for the journey, or a little picnic can be a great money saving idea! Kids need a lot of food, even if it’s just as a distraction on the train!

If you have a picnic in London, a great place to go is to the Marble Arch greens, right at the top of Oxford Street. If you aren’t brave enough to tackle Oxford Street with kids (you would be mad!), this is an excellent way to kind of get to see it, to show them but without having to walk down that manic, overpacked street. Marble arch is lovely to look at as well, if it’s a sunny day, there are lots of benches to sit on and loads of grass space as well.

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3) Suss out the tube

No one wants to be that tourist in London with the massive maps, but it is essential to know where you are going on the tubes. It is very easy to get lost and what a waste of a day that would be! If you don’t want to get a massive map out- which no one would blame you for, there are some amazing apps out there to help you navigate London; they do a much better job than a map anyway, all the hard work is done for you!

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4) Visit a lovely cafe

An excellent way to get the feel of a place is to visit it’s most historic and iconic parts, a perfect thing to do would be to go to a nice part of London and have a walk around. Somewhere like Notting Hill is famous worldwide and has a lovely cafe that you could visit after wandering around the market. The Nottingdale Cafe has also become the world famous for the excellent, family friendly food as well as the design of the place. It was made by a modern feeling interior designer and architect. Or you could go to a nice cafe in Soho; the riding horse cafe does exceptional look desserts that would thrill the children as well as a few fancy cocktails for the parents!

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5) Know the attractions and book ahead

If you want to go somewhere super famous like the London Eye or Madame Tussauds, also book these ahead of time because it is often booked well ahead of time! You will also get a family deal if you book in advance. Try to keep it a nice relaxed experience and have the best time!


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