One, Two, Three: Holiday Inspiration For All


Planning a holiday is something that should be straightforward. Let’s face it, there are enough complicated decisions in life; the last thing we should be doing is making the joyful ones stressful. Yet somehow, there’s always a risk of making the holiday-booking process complicated.

If there is one rule to live by when it comes to booking, it’s this: don’t go by everyone else’s recommendation. There’s a wide world out there that, in time, you can get to see. What’s important when booking a holiday is to take the touring party into account. If you’re going it alone, the world is your oyster, but if there are more people coming, that’s trickier. But, one way or another, booking a holiday can be as easy as 1 – 2 – 3…

Holidays For 1: Get Your Geek On


The thing about solo holidays is that they’re usually a little shorter than family breaks. That’s no bad thing; you can come to miss human interaction after a few days. But the benefits are countless. You get to see your own itinerary; this should ensure you pick something to please you and you alone.

Friends may recommend great beaches, adventures, and wild nightlife. As you’re going it alone, if that’s not your cup of tea, you can ignore them and set your own agenda. Maybe you’re a fan of the newly en-vogue true crime genre, so you can hop to London and indulge with a Jack The Ripper tour, your fandom love with Comic Con or perhaps your tech geek dreams can come true with a pilgrimage to CES. You don’t have to be cool or explain your obsessions – you can do whatever you want with your solo trip.

Trips For Two: Share A Common Bond


How you go about booking a two-person holiday depends very much on the duo that’s going. Heading away with a significant other can be romantic, but if it’s your best friend you’re going with, then irreverent fun might be best on the agenda.

Whoever you’re taking along, keep in mind the interests you share. A break in Paris or Rome can be romantic, or you can avoid such romance clichés with the likes of a chalet break in the Swiss Alps. If you’re going away with a friend, what unites you? If you love adventure, then maybe give Chile a chance to impress. For culture, then Oslo is a great unsung option.

Three Or More: Be Cautious But Imaginative


If parents and kids (or just a single child) make up the touring party, you may need to ditch ideas of ditching the California wine trail (for example). You can definitely put the Himalayan hiking tour to bed, too.

This doesn’t mean you have to sentence yourself to endless, dull, identikit “family beach holiday” ideas though. You might benefit from letting your kids school interests lead your family holiday choices. Do they love languages? Pick from any number of destinations in France, Germany or Spain to cover the basic curriculum. Are they keen on history? Take a trip to a place they have covered at school – such as the Palace of Versailles in France – and let them see it for themselves. That way, they get an education boost, and you get a fascinating trip to enjoy.


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