3 Luxuries Every Travelling Brit Enjoys

British tourists can be found all around the world. While they all have different tastes and enjoy visiting certain locations, it’s almost certain that many of them share the same travel taste when it comes to luxury. If you’re finding it hard to secure a place to visit in your mind this summer, then consider the following luxuries you might like to experience, and consider heading to a place that ticks them all of the list.

A Good Bar

While Brits are notorious drinkers, the majority of us enjoy a beautiful and premium drink over a large quantities and low qualities of alcohol. Heading to an environment where you can enjoy a beautiful martini, a gorgeous mojito, or a beach cocktail with a tiny umbrella, searching for the most classy bars near Courtyard Bridgetown, the city you have travelled to, or even on the road trip to the destination in question will help you find places to socially relax with the locals and perhaps let loose a little.


There are two camps of people. One type of Brit who indulges in the warm weather, heading to new and tropical climates to experience something very rarely enjoyed in the home country. Then, there are those who enjoy the cold landscapes of Northern Europe or Canada, heading to ski or to simply enjoy some of the most beautiful sights imaginable. However, all British folks enjoy the ability to change our temperature well if we’re not comfortable, and immediately.

We’re just not that good at being suited to any one climate that isn’t grey or lukewarm. This might mean heading to a resort that affords you competent care with your skiing trip, or finding the best water parks to mitigate the scorching heat of the Caribbean. You’ll be grateful for this as the temperature forces your inner Brit to come out, usually in the form of a complaint about the weather.

Limited Tourists

Of course, heading to a beautiful location will often mean you find tourists in high number around you. British people often don’t like this, and this is even more insidious when the other tourists are British! Most of us head to new places to see the local country, to absorb the local populace, and not to bring most of the country with us. Of course, this is not to disparage British people, just that meeting them is likely not the reason you have paid thousands on airfare. This means finding the most quaint places can become a fun challenge, as is taking time to absorb the history and local culture of an environment. Staying away from the overly corporatized package deals can lead to a sense of real discovery, as can visiting the small villages and towns along the way. This will lead you to some wonderful places that seem custom made for you to visit and will grant you with excellent memories to share.

If you’re British, you’ve likely nodded in response to each point on this list. With these things in mind, finding a place to entertain your natural tendencies might be easier than ever.


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