Stigu Planner 2016 Review

I love this time of year, it’s magical as Christmas approaches but it’s also when i start to think about my goals for the new year. I love to plan (it doesn’t necessarily mean i am organised), i just love trying to put everything in order so my life runs as smoothly as it can. Last year i was fortunate enough to review the 1st edition of the Stick to Stigu Planner. it was slightly different to a normal generic diary, it had that x factor that i needed in my life.


So when i was asked if i would like to try the new edition of the Stigu Planner for 2016, there was no hesitation, especially now they have several designs of the planner. I opted for the faux leather hardback planner, it looks high quality and is compact enough to fit in my hand bag.

I like that there is a goals page at the start of the planner (split into 3 sections Mind, Body & Soul) – the planner focuses on balance, in the crazy world we all live in, the planner gets you to practice techniques to enable you to get more rest and zest from simply creating a good plan.


You never get bored of using the Stigu planner as each month introduces a new theme and every week the planner offers tips and inspiration to make your life just that little more easier.

Personally, here are some of the things that i love about the planner;

  • each day has 5 sections – this helps me to focus on 5 things only, rather than writing a huge to do list and feeling like i haven’t accomplished much – we can all get 5 things ticked off our to do lists a day can’t we?

  • I like the inspirational quotes and sayings throughout the diary, i am a quote lover so they are greatly received.
  • Sometimes it is the little things isn’t it? and i just love the tear off corner, which i happily tear off once another week is over. Makes it so much easier to find where you are, allowing you to use the bookmark ribbon wherever you choose.

  • There is plenty of space throughout the planner to jot/doodle/scribble etc, each week you get almost a full page to do whatever you choose and the opposite page you have a structured week view. I have often used the plain page to jot down shopping lists/meal plans, leaving my week view for errands, appointments and blog planning.

  • There is a mass of empty pages at the back to use as you please, i add important dates and addresses in the back. I have also created the odd doodle on more creative days.
  • Each weeks theme is a different colour and shape for the 5 sections, it has so much more variety than a standard diary.
  • If you follow and practice the little ideas offered each week, you will have a lovely zenful new year!

Also on offer from Stigu are 2 spiral bound planners with appealing designs, notebooks, to do lists and stickers… this is all very exciting for a stationary addict like myself.

My Stigu Planner helps me greatly with blog planning, appointments and now our biggest, little human is now at school, i add all his important school events/dates too.

The Stigu planner is suitable for everybody – there is both structure and flexibility, it’s definitely a win win planner and i am glad to have it in my life for another year.

I was sent a Stigu Planner to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All comments and photos are my own.


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