Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit – First Impressions

I would say i am quite a healthy eater, not a very good exerciser and could probably do with losing about half a stone to get to my happy weight. I am a strong believer that eating healthy and regularly exercising should be all you need to get the body you want, but as i am in a bit of a workout slump, i thought i would try something different.  Let me introduce you to Nutribuddy new 14 day weight loss kit.

In the kit you receive;

Whey Protein & Shaker Bottle

nutribuddy review

I like that when ordering the kit, there is the choice of either chocolate or vanilla sculpting whey and also whether the shaker bottle is red or black. I opted for vanilla flavour and the red bottle.

The sculpting whey is made from 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians. I will give a more thorough review of the actual product when i finish it next week, but i can say at this point that the powder mixes really well and tastes wonderful mixed with soya/almond milk. This can be added to porridge, smoothies or can be used as a meal replacement during the 2 week trial.

Multivitamins and Hunger Fix Tablets

nutribuddy review

Again, all ingredients in the multivitamins and hunger fix tablets are 100% natural.

The multivitamins are to be taken daily and contain vitamin E, vitamin A, B vitamins, Zinc and Copper – all can help keep you healthy. Considering this is a 14 day weight loss kit, i only received 7 tablets and the instructions say to take one a day?? Therefore i do not have enough to last the program*.

The Hunger Fix tablets are for exactly that, they help you stop feeling hungry and help you feel fuller for longer. I am a bit skeptical about this as i believe that if you are hungry, you should eat! I guess if you really struggle with eating lots these are a great addition to the plan, they are 100% natural and contain an ingredient called glucomannan, this ingredient takes up space in your tummy to help you feel fuller for longer. The tablets need to be taken 15 minutes to an hour before eating and need to be taken with 2 glasses of water. The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules before each meal. My kit came with 21 capsules which would only be enough for 1 capsule before each meal over 14 days so i am a little confused about this again??*

* I contacted the company for clarification on the doses and unfortunately i was only sent a 7 day supply of tablets by mistake. I decided to only take 1 hunger fix tablet before each meal and after 7 days took my normal multivitamin. This was unfortunate as i really wanted to follow the program accurately.

Little Book of Weight Loss & Recipe Book

nutribuddy review

The 2 books that come with the weight loss kit are a great addition. The Little Book of Weight Loss gives you everything you need to know about the products in the kit. What ingredients is in each and also the dosage. You also get a 5 day eating plan with simple recipes to follow and a frequently asked questions section at the back.

The recipe book comes full of lovely nutritional meal ideas for breakfast, smoothies, lunch and dinner. There is even a healthy treat recipe section, great for those like me with a sweet tooth.

I will report back soon with my results. I’m hoping that i will lose a few extra pounds with this program and by eating a nutritionally, healthy diet.

Come back soon for my results 🙂

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