Indigo Nutrition Chocolate Starter Kit Review

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

Who doesn’t love chocolate, right?

And if you’re like me, I adore dark, good quality chocolate. When Indigo Herbs asked me to review their Chocolate Starter Kit, they had me at ‘chocolate’! Seriously, I thought how cool it would be to make chocolate from scratch. Everything that you need (apart from the chocolate moulds) arrives in lovely looking purple packaging. Once you open the bag, the pure scent of chocolate heaven hits you.

What’s to love about Indigo Chocolate Making Kit…

  • All ingredients are organic.
  • All ingredients are raw.
  • All ingredients are dairy free.
  • All ingredients are vegan.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

What’s inside the bag…

  • Organic Cacao Butter
  • Organic Raw Agave Syrup
  • Organic Cacao Powder
  • Organic Raw Vanilla Powder
  • Easy to follow recipe¬†instructions.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

Although I felt a bit out of my comfort zone when the kits arrived the instructions couldn’t be easier. All the ingredients are measured out it was just a case of mixing them all together! First, you need to make a bain marie, this is easilly¬†done using a large saucepan full of simmering water and then a smaller saucepan to mix the ingredients in.

The first ingredient to go in was the Cacao Butter, it comes in a big block so I chopped it up a little before adding to the bain marie so it would melt quicker.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

Next to be added was the organic raw vanilla powder. I have only ever used liquid vanilla (& if I am completely honest, it is usually the cheap supermarket kind), what a difference the powder makes. The vanilla scent was so much richer and tastes 100% better too.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

Next to be added was the big bag of organic cacao powder, this is when my taste buds really started to zing and the house smelled amazing. It was a good job I made the chocolate when I was home alone, otherwise my boys would have been begging me for chocolate.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

The mix was started to look rich and indulgent. I did have a sneaky try but it was very bitter at this point as no sweetener had been added.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

To sweeten the chocolate, instead of cheap, refined sugar that is added to everyday chocolate bars, this chocolate was sweetened with organic agave syrup. It seemed a bit extreme when it said to add the whole bottle, but then it put it into perspective just how much refined sugar is in a chocolate bar… I would much rather have the better organic agave syrup any day!

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

Once all the ingredients were mixed together and the mixture was glossy, it was time for the fun bit, adding it to the moulds. I had a cute heart silicone mould and a rectangle mould. In total, I made 25 small chocolates and one large slab of chocolate (which I later used to make brownies!)

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

I placed them in the freezer to chill as I could not wait to try them. I also had the task of licking the spatula out of the bowl so I knew what I had to come.

I ended up with the most indulgent dark chocolate that I have ever tried. The chocolate was smooth, silky and rich. You wouldn’t want to eat too many in one sitting. After trying this chocolate and tasting how different it tastes when it’s made with good quality ingredients has really made me realise that cheaper chocolate is just not that great. I would choose quality chocolate over quantity that’s for sure.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit

Making my own chocolate was a lot easier and quicker than i imagined. This kit would make a lovely gift (either to make or as made up chocolate). It would also be fun to make with the girls over a couple of glasses of wine, it’s just something different.

If you would like to purchase an Indigo Chocolate Making Kit, you can find them here.


I was offered an Indigo Chocolate Starter Kit in return for an honest review. I take full responsibility for the number of calories I consumed following this review… every single one of them was worth it!

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