Füd Vitamin Energy

The boys were last at school almost 11 weeks ago, to say energy is waning on my part would be an understatement. When I was asked if I would like to sample a new healthy, natural energy drink, I had just enough energy to type ‘yes please!’ Let me introduce you to Füd Vitamin Energy

Fud Vitamin Energy

Füd is available in two delicious flavours; Berry and Coconut (my favourite) and Pineapple and Ginger (tropical and warming) and is a great natural alternative to artificial energy drinks. There is no added sugar or sweeteners, just sparkling water, real fruit juices, natural caffeine and B-vitamins.

A can of Füd has the same caffeine as a cup of coffee, so is ideal as a pre-workout drink or just as a pick me up if in an energy slump. The product is naturally low in calories, brilliant if you are following a balanced diet and is vegan.

Füd was founded by Philip Udeh. After struggling for years with chronic fatigue due to sickle cell anaemia, he wanted to create something better than the mainly sugary or artificially sweetened energy drinks that were on the market at the time. So sat in his pyjamas in 2015 he started to google ‘food technologists in London’ and the rest is history.

Both flavours are delicious but my favourite is Berry and Coconut, imagine drinking a cool berry drink with the essence of coconut tanning lotion. The taste transported me back to happy times in Thailand. The flavours are subtle and compliment each other well. It’s not overly sweet like a lot of energy drinks on the market, which I really like.

Which flavour would you try first?

Füd Vitamin Energy is available via Amazon.co.uk in sleek 250ml cans.

I was sent samples of Füd Vitamin Energy to try and in return, I have offered my honest opinion of the product.

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