Six Essential Life Skills We All Need

Almost all of us know that we must be prepared for anything, and yet so many of us don’t have the right life skills to get us through. Men are getting to adulthood not knowing how to cook a decent meal or sew a button. Women are becoming adults and striking out alone and yet some don’t know how to change the oil in their car or how to read a map without a GPS. There are certain life skills that we all need – male or female – so that we can survive confidently alone. 

We aren’t so much kicked from the nest as we are dragged, and many of us leave our parent’s houses dreadfully unskilled. We are now in the middle of a pandemic, and we find ourselves unequipped to handle the curveballs that life likes to throw at us right now. So, a good distraction is in learning some of the best skills life has to offer, and we’ve got six of them from which you can really benefit!

Spool of Purple Thread Near Needle Thimble and Measuring Tape
  1. How to read a map is so important. While GPS is great and all, you need to know how to read a paper map properly. Why? Well, what do you do when your electricity runs out or your batteries go flat? Exactly. Reading a paper map is a must, and it’s very easy to do when you get started.
  2. Do you know how to fix a car? You might know how to get cheap van insurance when you need it, but if you don’t know what to do when it breaks down you may have a few issues. Car repairs are easy to learn if you have the patience to do it. You need to learn how to fit a tire, fill up on gas and even how to change the oil. These skills may seem redundant given that a mechanic can do it, but if you’re stranded alone? You need these skills!
  3. How to balance your finances at home is a must-have skill in life. If you know how to understand your budgeting, you will be able to be fiscally savvy. This will help you to be honest with yourself about your finances, and it will help you to keep your credit score high!
  4. Speaking of money, if you understand investment along with your money management, you’re going to be able to get rich smartly, if not quickly. You won’t be stupid about your money if you understand it and this can get you out of a lot of trouble in the future.
  5. Sewing skills are not “women’s work”. They are necessary for men and women, and while you don’t have to be a skilled sewing champ to darn a sock, you need to know how to sew back on a button and hem a seam if necessary. Otherwise, you could be well and truly stuck – especially if you live alone.
  6. Repairs around the home are something you shouldn’t miss. It’s not the big stuff: no one is asking you to become an electrician. However, it will help you to know how to change a lightbulb, switch out a fuse in a plug and clean out a washing machine when necessary.

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