Giving Your Health An Overhaul After A Setback

Very often in life, everything gets on top of us. It is so often just one thing after another, and when things start to go wrong it will mean that we end up putting aside the day to day things. It may be that something quite drastic has happened within your life such as a bereavement, a breakup, or a financial setback such as redundancy. Eventually, as everything gets on top of us,  we become overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and as a result, our health suffers.

Getting back on the saddle and living our lives again can take a lot of effort, and very often finding the willpower to get up and face the challenges of life again can be difficult, and we may not know which way to turn, 

The good news is that life does get better and it will always go on. You can find a sense of calm and happiness that you will need to get on with everything and to become a part of society again. 

Talking Things Through

When dealing with a complicated issue we will find that we are faced with some quite strong and hard to understand emotions. We may not even know what we are feeling, and what may come out as anger, may, in fact, be sadness. Getting a handle on our feelings is challenging, but it is possible if you open up with someone. It doesn’t matter who it is that you talk to, it could be a doctor, therapist, a friend, family member, or even the bus driver. Sometimes we just need to get things off our chest before we explode and do some real damage to our lives. 

Try and find someone that you know will have an empathetic ear. If you cannot think of anyone that you know that you would like to open up to, then make an appointment with your doctor, or get in contact with a charity such as mind. It is amazing how much lighter you will start to feel after you have started to talk about how you feel instead of just keeping it all inside you. 


One thing that is excellent for dealing with mental health problems is to get some exercise. If you are someone who struggles with self-motivation when it comes to keeping fit, then you are probably not alone. What you may find will help you is to use the services of an online personal trainer such as Andy Griffiths. You will get all of the help and motivation you need, and as a personal trainer, he will have experience in dealing with people of all fitness levels. 

Exercise reduces lots of great chemicals in our brains that allow us to feel better. Our lungs get filled with oxygen and our blood starts to flow again. We feel alive after some exercise, and although it is hard work, especially at first, the rewards will be felt pretty soon. 

Eat Well

Depression and stress can make us crave sugars and fats. We end up binging on some very unhealthy food and over time this can become a habit that we really wish that we had not gotten into. Kicking our poor diets into touch can be hard work when we are feeling low, so it is important that you do not be hard on yourself if you struggle to adapt to a new diet especially at first. 

Take it slow. Phase the unhealthy stuff out bit by bit. Going cold turkey will only make matters much worse. 

Getting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet is vital for your overall health, but it will also do your mental health wonders. Having the natural energy that fresh food provides will help you find the spring in your step once more. 

Thinking Positively 

One of the major problems that occur when we get a life setback and end up struggling with depression and anxiety is that we start to see the world as a negative place. We begin having thoughts against ourselves, and believe that we are not good enough. 

Carrying around so much negativity is hard work, and ultimately it is a massive burden that will no doubt be grinding you down. Learning to think positively once more will mean being kind to yourself and focusing on areas of your life that you actually do like. Start off by making a list of things about yourself that you like, and then pay attention to those areas and not the things you dislike. 


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