Where Can An Affluent Family Buy Their First Home?

Thankfully in this world, we are seeing a new turn in the housing markets. This problem has plagued so many governments that it looks like, due to the wonderful fruits that adaptive capitalist economies produce, there are more options than ever. Pricing is still a big issue but that cannot be helped if we’re all honest about it. We’re all living longer healthier lives, we are having children in the same consistent manner and our nation’s populations are steadily but surely increasing. Land is a set and sealed commodity, in that no more is going to be made. Therefore, we have to be wise in our choice and not stick to just our own countries if we want to keep our options fully open. It matters that we consider homes abroad, so that we can stretch our money as far as we can. For the affluent family, one of the best places where you can go to buy your first home is East Asia. Here are just some of your options.

The great city-state

Singapore is right at the southern tip of Malaysia. Here you will find a very different kind of nation than the surrounding neighbours. For one thing, it’s very Westernised in that it looks and feels like a nation you would find closer to Europe. This is because of the history of Western explorers and the standards for trade and business they brought here. However it can be somewhat crowded in the inner city, as this is where the business, finance and trade districts are. One of the things that the city-state is doing is, making homes that offer great indoor space to families but sacrifice garden space for shared communal areas.

This is known as a cluster house as it takes on the aspects of condominiums. For example, a condo community has advanced apartments that are all linked together. They also offer the residents different amenities that are shared such as the laundry room, games and leisure area as well as outdoor swimming pools. Cluster homes are designed much in the same fashion, except in place of the condos there are full sized homes. Many of these homes are around 3-4,000 square-feet. They have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms as well so a growing family will be satisfied. 


Hot sun and space

Spain has forever been a favourite of many different nations in Europe to buying homes. It’s not just expats that want their own space in the sun to relax and retire. Families from the UK are also considering moving out to rural Spain where they can buy a house or villa for their family. Older parents might want to retire but they have children that are young. Hence why there are options to move into places where there is a large British community, schools that teach in both Spanish and English, as well as culturally familiar neighbourhoods. In terms of price and space, you can easily get a much larger and cheaper property in rural Spain than in other parts of the continent.

For example, take this unique country home which has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It’s priced in euros which is a weaker currency than the British pound sterling. It’s priced at 135,000 euros which equates to around £121,000. The average home price in the UK is plus another £100,000 to that. If you are willing to move your life just a little across the pond and love the hot weather, this is definitely an option an affluent growing family should consider. 

More options as an option

Modular homes are easily becoming the number one choice for many young families. Why go for something that’s more classic when you can add and subtract pieces to your own home? It’s also much cheaper than a traditional brick and mortar type of house, as these kinds of homes are usually built with wood and steel instead. There is a whole range of modular homes to choose from, from the rectangular vertical, the bungalow squares and even the highly architectural homes with block pieces. The best thing to do is to search for and find a company that will build you your home to the exact specifications you want it to be.

It’s never going to be easy when trying to find a home that you want to buy for your growing family. However affluent couples do have a wide variety of choices, so look at home and abroad in equal measure. 


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