What’s Slowing Down Your House Move?

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Moving home is one of the most exciting times of your life. After all, you get to move your family into a beautiful new humble abode. But while moving house can be one of the best times of your life, it can also be one of the most stressful. After all, it’s easy for things to go wrong which can make it a moving nightmare. And the waiting game can be one of the most frustrating things about moving. While the average house move takes around eight to 10 weeks, if it’s taking longer, it might be time to look at what is causing the long process. In fact, here are some of the main things which could be slowing down your house move!

The mortgage is taking ages to be approved

Before you make an offer on a property, you should get a provisional mortgage offer from the bank. After all, it saves time after you have made an offer. And it shows the sellers you have taken the initial step to get your mortgage started. But once your offer has been accepted, it can take a few weeks before your mortgage is approved. After all, they will look into the property to make sure the valuation is correct. They will also want to make some thorough checks on you to ensure you will pay every month. But while they need a few weeks to get things sorted, you need to make sure you keep checking for updates. After all, they could end up slowing down the house move as they are taking so long. Therefore, keep ringing and emailing them to see how the mortgage is progressing. That way, it will ensure your mortgage application is not at the bottom of the pile. And it will put them on the spot if not much has occurred!


Your conveyancing solicitor is not up to scratch

It’s easy to end up with a conveyancing solicitor for your house move that isn’t up to scratch. After all, you might go with the estate agents recommendations rather than doing your own proper research on residential conveyancing. And it might mean you end up with a solicitor that is slowing down the move. There are several options if you find your solicitor isn’t the best. You could consider moving to a different solicitor. Obviously, this might be costly as they might be a fee for leaving them. Therefore, you might prefer just keeping in regular touch with your solicitor. Ring them up regularly to find out updates on how the conveyancing is progressing, so they don’t leave you at the bottom of the pile.

The sellers are being slow at responding

It’s also important to keep in touch with the estate agent. After all, they are your only point of contact for the sellers. So if your move is going slow, and it’s down to the sellers being slow at responding to paperwork, you need the estate agent to get in touch with them. In fact, if the estate agent does speak to them and tell them you are unhappy, they are more likely to get into action as they might be concerned about you potentially pulling out!


And remember to get things like surveyors organised quickly. After all, this can delay the move if it’s left till last minute.


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