Truly Timeless: 3 Pieces Of A Traditional Home

Do we even know what a traditional home is anymore? You’ve got to hand it to the interior design industry. It is one of the most adaptive and cutting edge areas of modern economies. It’s constantly evolving and getting better in both style and material selection. But sometimes, it moves too fast for its own good. Millions of customers looking to spruce up their home, don’t know what a ‘traditional’ home looks like. Can you name maybe 3 things that you would only see from this kind of interior design style? If you can’t, here’s a list for you to consider. 

A well-travelled individual

During the Victorian Era, millions of working-class people finally got out into the world. You could venture out over the seas and explore further afield. What made this style so special, was how it made ornamentation of your worldly travels, part of your living space. The globe, for example, was implemented first by this style. If you have been to Russia and gotten some egg dolls, this is something you can place on top of your sideboard. If you have been to Africa and bought a piece of local artwork, this should be hung in your living room or foyer. If you’ve been to France and have a figurine of a woman doing ballet, this should be proudly displayed in your dining room. Things that you would normally keep locked away in your box upstairs, should be spread across the home to express who you really are.

A grand piece of wood

What could be more traditional, than a mahogany dining table? Carved by hand, the artwork in the legs and table itself consists of birds, vines and flowers. If you can’t afford such a grand dining table, it can still be in nice wood. Maple, yew and walnut are among the top choices for an alternative. To go with your traditional table, a fine silver candle holder would be brilliant. If you like something with a bit more of a golden sheen to it, polished brass is quite acceptable. The chairs themselves should have armrests and also made out of the same material.

That ringing sound

Most movies from the early black and white era had grandfather clocks. These great big works of art that made a gonging or ringing sound upon an O’clock, were much-loved by those who lived in traditional homes. Time was alive and it spoke to you. Maybe that’s why floor clocks are back in fashion with many styles that were popular back in the day, re-emerging as top choices for family homes. The Large Cherry Harrison grandfather clock has a triple chime made out of meta, with a quarter cable-driven movement mechanism. Tall and made by hand, this is the quintessential hallmark of traditional interior design.

Long live the traditional home, which made so much good use out of natural materials. Wood was king and it spoke to you. One could also share where you had travelled with perfect and subtle ornamentation.


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