Travel Back In Time With A Period Bathroom

It can often be quite hard to differentiate one bathroom from the other. There is a common theme where the basic bathroom design of white porcelain and white tiles is something very few of us deviate from. If that kind of look is your thing, by all means, roll with it! But a lot of us can become quickly bored by this style, especially if you find that your bathroom ends up being pretty interchangeable with everyone else’s! We all like to add a touch of individuality to the various rooms in our homes, and therefore our bathrooms shouldn’t be any exception to that. One striking look you could go for is the period bathroom design. Vintage style has the benefit of being timeless, and if the rest of your home is decorated in such a way, a period bathroom will tie the whole thing nicely together. Here are a few ways you can draw on styles of the past to create a fresh and innovative look.

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Decide where you are going to buy from

Reworking your bathroom in a vintage style is not necessarily something that’s going to happen overnight. You may have to spend a couple of months sourcing all the items you need to bring your look together, especially if you’re on a bit of a budget. You will also need to consider where you are going to find the items you want, and whether you want to go down the authentic or imitation route. Many of us would love to have real vintage pieces in our homes, like a vintage bath or sink – but just remember that back in the day, plumbing wasn’t what it is now! You may have trouble wiring up a vintage bathroom suite to your modern plumbing system, so in many cases, it may be easier to just buy imitation vintage bathroom wares. Companies such as Drench bathrooms have a broad range of vintage-inspired pieces that can create standout features in your bathroom. And plus, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected leaks!

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Pick a standalone bath

If there’s one thing that screams period chic about a bathroom, it’s got to be the standalone bath. There is just something very elegant about these features, and it doesn’t get much better than a freestanding roll top. Opt for one with contrasting metal legs and the more outlandish the taps, the better!  If you want to give the nod to more contemporary styles while still having your bathroom’s roots in vintage, why not go for rose gold taps and feet on your bath? Of course, you may wonder if a freestanding bath will even work in your bathroom. Many people struggle to get your heads around how they work in the first place – after all, where does the water come from?! But in reality, they are not top dissimilar from regular bathtubs in regards to how they work. The plumbing on a standalone bath simply takes place at the front at the back, rather than in the wall like it does with a built in one. You can even take advantage of this exposed pipework by painting it a nice colour, and thus make it a design feature in itself.

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Accessorise like crazy

Even without the traditional vintage features, you can still give your bathroom that period look by carefully choosing your accessories. China is a delicate ceramic that was very popular in the early 20th century, and you can still to this day buy many storage pots and plates in this design perfect for your bathroom. Storage can be a real issue in many modern bathrooms, so instead of just shoving everything in a cupboard, make a point of displaying things – even if it’s something as simple as cotton wool balls in an ornate glass jar.  Flowers in a bathroom also never fail to brighten up the place, so pop a fresh bunch in a vintage vase every other week or so. Plus, no vintage bathroom would be complete without a fabulous mirror. Don’t be afraid to go as ornate as you like – that’s what this type of style was created for! Older materials such as brass are perfect for this, and if you want to go for wood, try and choose a darker one as this will make your mirror frame stand out more. With so many bathrooms these days adopting the modern, monochrome style, these vintage hacks can be a great way for you to create something totally unique.


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