Things To Ditch In The Move

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When you’re moving house, it is an ideal time to ditch what you don’t like and start again. It could be that you have been holding on to gifted furniture that you know doesn’t go with anything and that you don’t connect to; it’s more of a perseverance with it that has seen you keep it for so long. There are certain things which are so big and hefty to move when you’re swapping homes that it makes sense to either leave it in the house or have somebody come and pick it up for charity if you really don’t like it. It’s your one chance to have a completely fresh start.

Lounge furniture

The living room is one of two things: either the first room to be set up, to make way for the inevitable guests coming to check out your new pad, or the last room to get any attention because you’re too busy getting sleeping, eating and washing spaces sorted as a priority. If you know that your sofa has seen its best days and they have been and gone and are well in the past, have a look around to see what you like and get it ordered to your new home. There are always people willing to take on old furniture, so what you’ll be leaving behind will find its new home soon enough.

Bedroom furniture

Looking around for new bedroom furniture can be a challenge, especially if you have matched it all previously. However hard it may seem to do, once it clicks and you know what the general theme is that you’re looking for, you’ll be on a roll. Make sure that you change your mattress with every move; generally speaking, if you’re not moving that often or it’s the first and last move in absolutely ages, your mattress should be replaced anyway. They have a lifespan of around 8 years, and keeping them longer than this can cause problems for your sleep pattern and, more importantly, your muscles and bones.

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Colour of the walls

There’s no excuse to paint that’s better than doing it because you’re moving into a new home. If you are renting, make sure that you have had permission from the landlord to do so. If you’ve bought them home then happy days – go wild with your colour choice. If you have had colours on the walls that have worked for your in your previous home, you could use them again but deviate a little; use a different hue for a yellow in the kitchen, or try and variation on a purple for the dining room (i.e. lavender instead of eggplant). If you absolutely hated the scheme that you’ve just moved from, it’s time to go wild and get your preferences firmly dried upon your walls.

Kitchen appliances

There are some white goods that you just need to leave behind and gift with the house – either because they’re nearing breaking point or are so old that to get them out and transport them would render them unusable. It can be expensive to kit yourself out with new gear like fridges and dishwashers, but if you know that they’ll last for years to come then go for it.


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