Taking The Soft Approach To Your Interior Design

Even the busiest people love to sculpt and shape their little corner of the home to suit their style. This is the place where you come to relax and rest. You want it to be pleasing to the eye, and comfortable to be around. So why do we spend more time choosing paint colours than we do picking fabrics for soft furnishings? Fabric tantalises the eyes, finger tips, and body. Cushions, rugs, curtains, table toppers, and throws are the most common choices. What do you have in your home?

Designing your interiors around the soft furnishings isn’t unusual. After all, there is a very well-known paint brand famed for its advert showing someone colour matching to a cushion! Modern rugs offer more than a single colour, making them one of the best starting points for your design. They can become a focal point for the room. The texture of the rug is also important. Whether you like bare feet at home or not, you can still enjoy the sensation of a good floor covering.

Rugs can also come in many patterns. Geometric or contemporary abstract shapes are very popular this season. This allows for a wide and rich mix of colours so you can work the rest of your theme to one or more of them. You can also match to the fabric choice or style. Cushions, in particular, can come in a wide variety of materials. Choose a range of shapes and sizes to mix up your decor. For a more minimalist look, stick to just one or two.

Curtains are really important in the UK. Not only are they handy for privacy with the early nights in winter, but they keep a lot of the cold out. The trouble is, many of the energy efficient curtains available are single block colours. They’re quite bold and perhaps not fitting with the style you’re looking for. Are you handy with a sewing machine? Custom designing your own curtains can open up plenty of opportunities to mix up textures, colours and patterns.

In the dining room, it can be pleasing to the eye to have a table runner. These have most recently been long strips of fabric instead of the traditional full cover of a table cloth. It also allows the wood grain of your table to be shown off. Best of all, the contrast of textures from the two materials is wonderful for the finger tips! You can make your own runner to match the colour palette for the dining room. Alternatively, why not try your hand at a patchwork style? It means the same runner could suit your next colour choice for the walls too.

The bedroom throw is essential if you have cheeky pets that doze all day on your bed. But they are far more decorative than you give them credit for. Thick, plush and lush fabrics look amazing as a contrasting texture to the cotton sheets and duvet cover. Throw in a bold colour for your throw, and you’ve turned it into a real statement piece for the room. Love the soft touches.


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