Do We Take Our Home’s Safety For Granted?

We all like to think of the home as a haven and a sanctuary for us and our family. It’s there not only to keep us out from the cold but to protect us and what we care about. However, despite that fact, many of us don’t really take the safety of the home as seriously as we should. Especially if you’ve just moved in, you need to take another look at just how secure, exactly, your home is.

Knowing is half the battle

We live in a world where the community doesn’t quite get the attention it once did. However, making the first move and getting to know your neighbours is important. Not only can it make you feel a lot more comfortable with the people around you. Getting to know which faces are familiar or unfamiliar around the home can also prove very useful in spotting potential threats. Your neighbours are also a lot more likely to share any news of suspicious people around the home when they know you.

Most people don’t keep the home protected

The unfortunate truth is that most people don’t really invest in securing the home. For instance, it’s a common tip to change the lock and keys when you move into a new home. But when changing it, upgrading to a Yale euro cylinder lock ensures that you’re not just replacing the old, but improving it so potential intruders can’t just use a knife to bypass the lock entirely. Doubling up on the front door with things like a deadlock also make it impossible to break in through them unless they can fit power tools through the frame.

Treat your valuables with more value

If someone does end up breaking inside the home and you don’t have a digital security system, then your valuables are what they’re going after. Installing a safe that can’t be easily carried out can help you ensure that even in that event, you’re not losing that which is most valuable or important.

Deterrence is more than a theory

Criminals aren’t likely to attempt to intrude on homes that look difficult, either. For instance, the vast majority won’t consider a home when people are there. For that reason, installing multiple light timers in the home can be a great deterrent, even when you’re away. Many resort to installing fake CCTV cameras, as well. If you have a dog, training them to guard the home by barking will make most criminals reconsider, too.

Does your computer give crooks the key?

It’s not just about the physical protection of the home, either. We store a lot of data on our computers, nowadays. Some people even store financial information. Keeping your system open to viruses and hackers can risk your data being stolen and used for identity fraud. Any digital devices in the home need to go through rigorous cybersecurity steps.

It might be a bit of an investment, but fully securing the home and everything inside it is going to help you feel a lot more at ease living there. Especially in a new home, that’s crucial to being able to relax and actually enjoy the home.


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