Summer House Design Ideas & Inspiration

Perhaps you’ve got an old, unused summer house in your garden that you would like to revamp? Maybe there’s a space in your garden that would be perfect for a summer house? Or perhaps a friend has just built a summer house, and you’ve realised just how amazing they can be? Whatever the reason for your interest in summer houses, you have come to the right place.

Over the past few years, summer houses have become insanely popular, with more and more people building them, and it’s not difficult to see why. The fact that summer houses are so versatile are easy to build, and add that little something extra to your home, means that they are something a lot of homeowners dream about building.

If you are considering building a summer house, below is plenty of tips, ideas, and inspiration to take note of. So before you start making plants for your summerhouse, make sure to have a read of all the useful information below.


What are your design options?

When it comes to building a summer house, the first thing that you need to focus on is the design style of it. There are various design options that you could opt to use for your summer house design; it’s just a case of taking the size of your garden into account, as well as your budget.

A lot of people are opting to build lodge-style summer houses out of timber, creating chic, natural-looking outdoor spaces. There are various designs online for these, from compact buildings to larger and more lavish ones. To get an idea of the cost, use websites like the George Hill Timber website, so that you can calculate how much the amount of timber that you need will cost you. If you’re planning on getting a contractor to help you, it’s also worth looking into how much that will cost, so that you can budget accordingly.

As well as wooden lodge-style summer houses, ultra modern designs are incredibly popular. These can be made out of metal, wood, or even sturdy plastic, and they look incredible. Of course, to be able to have an ultra modern summer house in your garden, you need to have a certain style of garden, else it will look out of place.


What can you use a summer house for?

Wondering whether a summer house is worth the time and money? The good news is that summer houses have plenty of uses, making them more than worth the investment. There’s also the fact that adding a well-designed summer house to your garden can up your home’s value, making the cost of the investment seem less important. Going back to what a summer house can be used for – what are the main things people tend to use summer houses for?

Guest bedroom: One of the most popular uses of modern summer houses is for guest bedrooms. Allowing you to have somewhere for your guests to stay that gives both you and them some privacy, a guest bedroom that’s away from the main house is ideal. The great thing about summer houses is that you can design them to be any shape and size, so it’s easy to incorporate all of the features that you need, such as a bathroom, cooking station, and sleeping space.

Playroom: Another popular use of summer houses is as a playroom. A lot of families with small children don’t have enough room inside the house to create a playroom, so they opt to have one outside in a summer house. This can work well as it means that your home isn’t littered with children’s toys, and the kids have a dedicated space to play. As the kids get older, this can then be converted into a study space or chill out space for them and their friends.

Home office: If you or your partner work from home, then a summer house could make the perfect home office. It would allow you to work productively at home with no interruptions to worry about, unlike when you are working inside the house. Plus, if you wanted to hold meetings there with clients, it would look more professional than holding them inside your home.

Storage space: Another way that you can use your summer house is as extra storage space, for storing old pieces of furniture, children’s toys, gardening tools – basically anything that you don’t want laying around outside or in the house.

There you have it, plenty of summer house design ideas and inspiration, to help you come up with the perfect summer house design for your garden.


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