Stylish Home Renovation Projects to Change the Feel of Your Home

Home renovations are typically confined to a single room or two. This is because when we renovate a room, we go all out and change everything from the floors, walls, ceilings and of course, the furniture and small decor items. However, those changes are not only expensive, but they make the rest of our home feel inferior in comparison. No one likes the feeling of having one really nice, expensive and freshly renovated room while the rest of the house feels dull and worn-out in comparison.

So instead of renovating a single room at a time, why not renovate the entire home? It doesn’t mean doing everything at once, but it means renovating important parts of the home that will make a huge difference to the entire feel of your house. To give you some examples and tips, here are a few things to keep in mind and ideas to utilise for your next home-wide renovation.

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Change the floors

The first change is to renovate the flooring in your entire home. Instead of swapping the flooring in just a single room, why not do it to the entire home? The first thing you should do when planning to change the floors of your home is to designate a storage room and work out the optimal order. A flooring expert can usually help you with this, but it’s important that you declutter the home as much as possible before doing any home-wide renovation.

The type of floor you install could make a huge difference to the feel of your home. For instance, if you use a light laminate floor, then your home will feel a little brighter, larger, and more modern. If you use a dark carpet, then your home will feel a little more intimate and smaller. Laminate flooring is also slightly easier to clean because carpets can hold in a lot of nasty bacteria and dust, so that’s another thing to consider when changing your floors.

Improve the lighting

Lighting can add the finishing touches to an otherwise already successful home improvement. Coloured lighting is essential if you want to completely change the mood of your home, and it’s best to contact an architectural light consultant if you want to achieve the best results. Not only do they work on the insides of your home, they can also install lights for your front and backyard.

If you’re worried about the lights being eco-unfriendly, then remember that LED lighting is actually very good energy-saving wise despite the slightly higher initial cost. They’re better for the environment, last longer, and cut down your energy bills significantly.

Paint the walls

Lastly, painting the walls or replacing wallpaper can be one of cheapest, easiest and most drastic ways of changing your home. Use light paints to create a feeling of bright and airiness, use pastel colours to create a soothing environment, and use darker colours to create a feeling of intimacy, such as in the bedroom.

Colours can really change the mood of a home, so try to plan the colours based on the room itself. If you want your family room to feel close and comforting, try darker paints. If you want your living room to feel inviting, then use a neutral colour.


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