Spruce Up Your Home In Spring!


The start of a brand new season tends to put a little more bounce into everyone’s step, and that’s definitely the case with spring. People are happier; you can go for a walk without an umbrella, the days are getting longer and when the sun does peep out every once in awhile we’re blessed with glorious weather. We eagerly await days, and weeks filled with warm sunshine, blue skies and puffy white clouds bringing cleansing breezes that dry clothes in record time!

Fling Windows Wide


You’ve been telling the kids all winter not to open the windows because they’ll let the cold air in but now that’s exactly what needs to be done! Turn it into a game to see who can open as many doors and windows as possible, letting air circulate through the entire house but make sure that little ones are supervised as you don’t want any nasty accidents. Now’s also a good time to take down curtains and get them washed, as well as dusting shutters and blinds. You may have a window cleaner to keep the outside sparkling but you’ll have to do the inside panes yourself. Grab some glass cleaner, or at a push use some cleaning spray and a damp cloth but make sure it doesn’t dry streaky. Don’t forget your carpets either as they’ll have gathered a lot of dust and hair in the winter months, either tackle them with your vacuum or hire a professional carpet cleaning firm, like Skokie carpet cleaning services for example, who’ll leave them looking brand new.

Beautiful New Bedding


Strip off all winter covers including pillows, bedsheets and mattress protectors and get them in the washing machine before storing away them away neatly. It’s time to dig out the lighter duvets, and cooler blankets, i.e. cotton instead of linen and check them for any holes or fading before popping on. There’s nothing like the onset of spring for treating yourself to new bedding either! The feel of the crisp white sheets against your fingers, plump fat pillows and lovely duvet covers in bright patterns and motifs that instantly make your bed look more expensive. Don’t forget to check your pillows too; a good pillow needs to have sharp pointed corners so if any of them are looking decidedly sorry for themselves or the corners are dropping it’s high time you bought new ones!

Pretty Pastel Accents


Decorating your entire home can take a large chunk out of the budget, so it’s often cheaper and more cost-effective to modernise spaces one room at a time. You could also look at taking out one, or more home improvement loans as an investment that’ll help to transform the whole house’s aesthetic. Firstly, you’ll be able to still use rooms without feeling like no matter where you turn there’s wallpaper, brushes, paint and decorating catalogs scattered everywhere. Secondly, it allows you to go at your own pace; some families prefer to take their time while others like to have their decorating completed in a matter of weeks.

When it comes to colour, no matter what you decide to try not to be swayed too much by trends, spring colours i.e. buttercup yellows, sky blues, apple greens, and soft lilacs as well as other pastel shades are classics for a reason but be careful where, and when you use these. It may often be better to keep walls themselves neutral but splash out on new pictures, ornaments, pieces of furniture and sofa covers which can easily be swapped around.

Fresh Cut Flowers

 Valeria Boltneva

You don’t need to visit an expensive florist to enjoy fragrant scented flowers in your home.

Bring the outdoors inside by picking crocuses, daffodils, tulips, bluebells and forget-me-nots from your garden, or the nearby woods, and arranging in a jam jar on your kitchen workbench. The bright, cheerful blooms will help to lift any room, especially those with neutral decor thanks to their beautiful splashes of colour. Why not gather a few handfuls along with twigs and grasses to create your own all-natural flower displays? Continuing the horticultural theme spring’s also the perfect time to start work on your herb garden too.

Look for small, wide pots or buy a ready-made herb set that can either sit on your kitchen, or dining room window sill or in plant pots on the decking outside. Not only are herbs great medicinal aids, if you ever struggle to sleep just pop a bunch of fresh lavender under your pillow and you’ll be out like a light, but adding fresh sprigs of potted rosemary to a golden brown roast chicken dinner is what Sundays are all about.


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