Spring Fling: Time To Re-Vamp Your Home Styling

May fills me with the hope that spring is well and truly on its way in the UK. The sun shining, warmer days, and the chance to enjoy the great outdoors with family and loved ones. But, spring also gives us the perfect opportunity to re-vamp our home and add a few new touches to our styling and decor. After all, it’s surely now the time to pack away the blankets and winter comforts, at least for a few months. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can bring the spring season into your home by just changing a few little details here and there. I hope it offers you some inspiration for your abode.

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Let the sun shine in

So it may be well-known that we aren’t always blessed with glorious sunshine each day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t let the brighter light into our home. Draw up your blinds, pull back your curtains and see the difference natural light can make to any room in your home. Curtains can be quite heavy during the warmer months, making a room feel warmer than it is, but of course, we may need to block out the sun from time to time, so you could consider installing some fresh fabric blinds to your window spaces. Shutters are also a recent trend that not only adds coverage to your window space but look fabulous in the process.

Inject some colour into your home

Interior decoration and home styling can often be something we feel overwhelmed by. After all, there are so many different options, colour palettes and ideas to play around with, it’s easy to be confused with where to start. You can thank websites like Pinterest for that. But colour is one of the easiest ways you can inject some spring and summer inspiration to your home. A great idea is to use bold colours with your furniture, either adding different soft furnishings to them or replacing them completely. Thankfully, articles like Style advice: The best of the bold designer furniture offer some great tips and inspiration.

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Spring cleaning just got interesting

I recently shared with you an article about spring cleaning your bedroom in 60 minutes, but this could be extended to your whole home. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to declutter and get your home ready for the warmer months ahead. Get in your draws and cupboards and clear out all of the useless junk you are hoarding. Some people also use this time as a chance to change the layout of their rooms, by trying alternative pieces of furniture in different places. You would be surprised the difference it can make to a room by changing a few things around.

Be brave and redecorate

Not all of us like the idea of completely redecorating a room, but now is a good a time as any to get the paintbrush out and put a new colour on the walls. However, if this feels like too much of a task to take on, then consider adding a feature wall to a room. You don’t even need to use paint for this. Using photograph frames and displaying your favourite prints and pictures is a great way to add a new dynamic to a room.


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