How to Spring Clean Your Bedroom in 60 Minutes

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So spring has officially sprung and we find ourselves yet again at that awkward wardrobe time of the year. Not yet ready to store away our woolens and not quite brave enough to dust off our summer hats either. This time therefore brings forth a wardrobe dilemma of mountainous proportions. Not really being able to find anything appropriate and forever sifting through the mounds of possible, but then discarded outfits.

With that in mind, we have created a 60 minute bedroom sweep, spring clean that will have your bedroom space organised, clutter free and ready to accommodate better outfit assembly decisions and overall improved bedroom lifestyle.

Time to Get Tough with your Chunky Knits & Boots

Start with your larger items, such as chunky knit jumpers, and oversized coats. Start selecting those you simply can’t live without over the next few months and put the others in your winter storage. Be tough with yourself on this one, as these items are the ones taking up the most space and will be the ones getting the least amount of use over the coming warmer months (well we certainly hope so anyway). Same goes for your chunkiest boots and shoes. Trust us your wardrobe will thank you for it and the extra space will reveal all the other lovely garments that were hiding behind.

Let’s get Clean

If you’re not already listening to music, now’s the time to ramp up your favourite play list as you’re about to roll up those sleeves. From now on, your floor is strictly for walking only, so start with decluttering your floor and organising all those items that gravity tends to take hold of. Once you’ve found a home for all your nic nacs, get out the cleaning products and whiz around the bedroom, not forgetting the corners and ‘under the bed’ areas that tend to get neglected. Once this is done and your bedroom is sparkling you’re ready for the fun part.


Think about the parts of your morning routine that generally have you running late for the bus. Think about the weaknesses in how you get ready and create solutions. If that is never being able to find your favourite eye-liner, reorganise your make-up table. If that is never being able to complete your outfit with the necessary accessories, invest in a jewelry stand where you can have all your jewellery on display.

Think Big

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Now that your bedroom is looking organised and the details are taken care of, look around at the bigger picture and see what areas of your bedroom need addressing. Perhaps your rug is looking a little too well trodden, in which case click here for some new bedroom textile inspirations.

Talking of textiles, curtains make all the difference between beautiful and boring bedrooms. So click here to find the best curtains for your boudoir.

Perhaps you feel like treating yourself to some lovely new, fresh spring bed linen, in which case check out lovely new bed sets that can transform your bedroom from dawdy to down right gorgeous.

However you choose to organise and spring clean your bedroom, making this space more organised, tidy and looking lovely will pay dividends to your sleep, your morning routine and your overall enjoyment in what is, let’s face it, the best room of any home.


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