Put the ‘Kit’ Back in Kitchen

The kitchen is a place of good food, wine wine, laughter and making memories.

It can also be a place of mountains of dishes, filth encrusted ovens, grimy floors and hobs that look like they’ve had food waste welded to them.

Your time in the kitchen can be glorious, or it can be laborious and often the difference is dictated by our choice of appliances.

Many of us are quick to add a dash of 5-star luxury to the bathroom, living room or bedroom, so why not add a touch of luxury to your kitchen?

Even if your kitchen has the most wonderful worktops, the cutest cabinets and flawless flooring it can still be a beautiful cage in which you spend way too long slaving away cleaning the oven or washing an never ending pile of dishes.

It needn’t be this way. There are life alteringly awesome appliances that have never been more accessible or affordable. Check out Siemens kitchen technology for some kitchen innovations that border on science fiction. Check out these amazing appliances by a range of manufacturers.

Steam ovens

The new generation of ovens by Siemens do everything a normal oven does with the added ability of using steam function to create delicious and healthy dishes super quickly. They’re also elegant and unimposing with TFT touch display controls. They preheat at lightning speed and, get this, you can even control them from your smartphone meaning that you need never again worry about leaving the oven on when you leave the house.

Between the interior’s special coating and the ability to heat to 480C to burn away food debris, they’re virtually self-cleaning too!

Energy Star dishwashers

With the financial and ecological concerns of energy production more prominent than ever, more and more appliance manufacturers are looking for ways to make their products smarter and more energy efficient.

Dishwashers that bear the new energy star boast the following features that will make your life easier while reducing your energy bills:

  • Better filtration, using less water and detergent.
  • Soil sensors that test how soiled the dishes are and adjust the wash cycle accordingly.
  • Smart jets that create a better wash while using less water.

Somabar- Your robot bartender

This piece of kit will enable you to make a huge range of perfectly mixed cocktails at the touch of a button. The appliance is managed through an app that also allows for complete customisation of ingredients and alcoholic content. This robot bartender has a repertoire of over 300 drinks and because it uses portable, removable and dishwasher safe pods it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Top brewer

Ever wished you could have barista quality coffee on tap? Scanomat’s top brewer does exactly that! It’s an elegant stainless steel tap that can fit can be incorporated into any worktop and dispenses fresh bean-to cup-espresso, and can even produce cappuccinos and lattes by way of its tiny milk foamer.

There are a great many machines that allow you to make delicious coffee at home but none of them will wow your guests like this.

Oh, and the best part?

And after each cup you pour it actually cleans itself!


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