Outdoor Space Ideas That Save You From Gardening Maintenance

The sun is shining, the weekend is stretching out before you, and you can’t wait to get outside and feel the warmth against your skin. You could do anything. You could go for a drive, maybe even day trip to the seaside, you could…

… you’re going to have to mow the lawn.

It’s a screeching realisation that happens around this time of year and will continue through to the autumn. Having a garden is like having an errant friend who you can’t rely on and dominates your time, while never quite giving back the pleasure you hoped to get from it. Sure, you can enjoy an evening out watching the sun set every now and then – but the chores that go into garden maintenance just add to a pile that’s already threatening to spill over.

So what can you do?

Option 1: Hire A Gardener

On the plus side, hiring a gardener is probably less expensive than you think – around £10 per hour, depending on the company you use. It’s relatively easy to use classified ads to find someone, or just Google for company reviews.

Doing this gives you the chance to enjoy your garden without having to go through all of the painstaking maintenance that makes demands on your time. You can just sit and enjoy the warm weather when it arrives, rather than noticing all the weeds that need pulling up and the fact there could be a lost species of ants nestled in the tall lawn grass.

Obviously, this one does depend on budget – but for some of us, it might be an option that will be completely worth it.

Option 2: Repurpose It

The idea of outdoor space and a garden you and your kids can enjoy is a delight when you first consider it. You probably thought a lot about the garden size and what you could do with it when you bought the house – but now, the reality has well and truly set in.

If the size is more than you can handle, then why not repurpose it? It’s your land and you can do what you want with it (well, within the limits of planning regulations!). If you’re not getting a full enjoyment out of the space as an outdoor area, then why not increase your indoor space by expanding out? If you don’t fancy the hassle of a full extension, then you could buy an orangery or conservatory. You still get that ‘outdoors’ feeling, but now the weeds and tall grass is occupied by a usable, all-weather room.

Option 3: Give It A Day A Month

If you’d rather keep things simple, then try and set aside a single day each month to tackle all the gardening tasks en masse. The rest of the time, you can dismiss the weeding and pruning you notice, and just go about enjoying your day – knowing you’ll tackle everything eventually. Of course, try and leave the day itself flexible – there’s no accounting for the weather! – but a single day once per month dedicated to garden work should be sufficient.



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