Never-Ending Fun For The Playful And Young

What special places for children, their bedrooms. This sacred space can make them feel safe, warm, comforted, and most of all, ignite their imaginations. Almost like a safe womb to come back to after spending their time navigating this complex world.

The act of decorating a kid’s bedroom can be amusing and hugely creative. Nevertheless, the pressure to get it right means it can start to feel like more of a daunting chore. Take these steps, to slowly but surely create the wonderful little universe your child dreams of.


Firstly, if your child is old enough to talk, ask them what they want. Fairy gardens, pirate ships and superhero lairs I’m sure will all be on the cards – and they’re all doable.

Secondly, you’ll need to decide whether you want to go all out outrageous, or keep it timeless. Timeless would mean painting the walls green, say for a jungle theme, and have jungle themed soft furnishings that can be easily replaced. All out outrageousness could see jungle wallpaper with monkey wall stickers and hammock fixtures.

Kids’ tastes develop rapidly, how willing would you be to go through another round of decoration in as soon as a few years’ time?


For the room to start taking shape, you need to think of what you want to put in it. More often than not, there are so many great themed furnishings out there that there’s no need to find carpenters and get specialists fitting done. You’ll find imaginative beds like these Cuckooland kids beds in the forms of racing cars, tipi tents and even double-decker buses. There are cute storage cabinets with colourful handles, and princess dressing tables for your rather dainty darlings. The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to maintain a sense of space too though, too much furniture can make a room feel cluttered, and could prove a tad aggravating for your child’s sensibilities.


The issue of light goes beyond the classing ceiling light. Keep your child’s hobbies firmly in mind when creating a lighting plan. Do they read in bed? A reading lamp could prove ideal, or even a wall light with moveable arms. Do they love arts and crafts? A taller standing lamp, or a well-placed hanging lamp can do wonders for the keen doodler. Are they afraid of the dark? A night-light can scare away those boogie monsters.

Knick knacks

It’s the knick-knacks and extras that make all the difference. Think of themed soft furnishings you might want to scatter about. Maybe some owl shaped pillows or superhero quilts. How about some framed photos of your kids favourite cartoon characters hanging on the walls? Your science-minded child might like glow-in-the-dark stars or hanging planets stuck to the ceiling. These little extras are all easily replaceable, and are certainly the cherry on the cake when it comes to finishing off the bedroom.

So there you have it, it needn’t be overwhelming to create an area your child can truly flourish in.


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