Missed A Spot: Where Dirt And Germs Are Hiding

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Sometimes it feels like spring cleaning never ends. You’ve dusted the top of the cabinets, lost your sight to the sparkle of the floor, and the smell of antibacterial spray will surely linger for days. Unfortunately, it’s very likely that you’ve overlooked some of the hiding spaces where germs have thrived. Here’s a quick checklist to make doubly sure you haven’t missed any spots.


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It’s not enough to pour a lot of bleach or disinfectant into the bowl and scrub it until your fingers are sore. Take an antibacterial wipe and clean the seat, the tank, and pay special attention to the handle. You should also remember to clean behind the toilet; that’s where a lot of dust, germs, and dirt are hiding.


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Have you ever noticed that your radiator gets dusty really quickly? When clean radiators heat the air, hot air rises; and when hot air rises, cold air rushes to fill the space where the hot air used to be; pulling in all that dust, hair, and other particles with it. Essentially, your radiators is a big vacuum. If enough filth builds up in your radiator, it will affect its heat output, and you risk accumulating moisture that will soon become damp. Only Radiators offer advice on how to clean your radiators properly to keep them running efficiently and reduce the risk of damp.

The Bath Tub

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Yet another area that may seem clean but might not be. Bathtubs and showers may be dirty because the water tends to get trapped in the pipes, and bacteria thrives in this environment. The water you’re using to clean yourself may not be as clean as you would hope. To eliminate bacteria in your bathroom, disinfect the tub with bleach and bathroom cleaner after you’ve finished showering, then pat it dry with a clean towel.

The Kitchen Sink

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This is another high traffic area that you might not think about. Just because you’re washing things whenever the sink is used, doesn’t mean the sink is clean after you’re done with it. Food particles left over from dirty dishes or plates left to soak can serve as a breeding ground for E. Coli and salmonella. Clean the sink by washing it with a solution of bleach and water once a day, then letting it run down the drain. Don’t forget to clean the plug, and around the faucet.

The TV Remote

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We never stop to think about where the remote has travelled every time it was misplaced. The floor, or between the cushions. It has been handled by anyone who has stayed home sick and been coughed and sneezed on. It has been put in the mouths of young children. If you have a pet, perhaps it has spent time in their mouths too. Every once in awhile you should wipe the remote down with an antibacterial towel. Even if you have everyone wash their hands before handling the remote, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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