Make Your Lounge A Cosy Place With These Tips

The one room in the home that we all go home to to put our feet up in is the lounge. You get in from a long day of work, you hang up your coat and leave your shoes by the door, and you sink into the sofa. It’s the communal space in which the whole family chooses to gather, and it should be a highly decorated, comfortable space for all. 

Your lounge has to feel like a place in which you can relax, otherwise it’s not going to be worth having a communal room in the first place. You need comfort, cosiness and you need it to be efficient, too. So, with these tips, you can make your lounge the cosiest room in the house.

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Think About Warmth

If you want a room to be cosy, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Heat, of course! If you are lucky enough to have heaters in your lounge, think about the way in which you use them. You can jazz up a tired old fireplace with the best salvage brick slips and a paint job around the mantelpiece. You can replace old radiators with new ones and mount the new ones higher up the walls to free up low wall space. Keeping the heat in is a crucial element for a cosy lounge, and starting here gives you everything that you need to ensure that you minimise heat costs while modernising the space.

Choose Bold Colours

Your lounge needs rich, deep colours to project the warmth you want from the room. No one wants to sit and relax in a cold room, which is why mint and light blue should be something you lean away from. Instead, choose jewel tones and contrasting colours. Picture berry shades with deep yellow – it just invokes warmth and relaxation from the moment you picture it!

Think About Lighting

Low, dim lighting often allows you to feel relaxed and calm. You need to cast the right glow, so instead of using ceiling lights, have a collection of lamps and candles. Reading lamps and candlelight are both beautiful ways to light a room without being overbearing with it. You can still sit back and relax in these lighting modes, and you can enhance it with carefully positioned mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

Layers Upon Layers

Rugs on carpets, throws and blankets on sofas – these are just two ways you can add depth to a space. Layers create the ultimate cosiness in your lounge and you can add wool and silk for a little luxury.

The lounge has to be somewhere you can chill out with people, to read, to nap if you are having a hard day – it should be comfortable, soft, warm and somewhere you instantly relax. A lounge has to be decorated well, and it should reflect your personality as much as it reflects your need for snuggling down in the evening! Decorate and reshuffle your lounge for that cosy effect you’ve been searching for.


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