Make Your Home Creative Space A Truly Magnificent Place To Be


Most people, in some regard, have an affinity towards creating. It’s part of what makes us human. We feel the urge to create, and show those creations to our peers, or the people we love. Whether you’re a writer, artist, voice actor, social media guru or accountant, everything you do has a deal of creativity in either problem solving or general skill application.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have a studio space primarily dedicated to this purpose. For the most part, having a fantastic home space is enough. You want to decorate this home space in a way that best spurs your creativity, but allows you to also thrive in your environment and not impede in your creative process in any way. For example, while Wind Chimes above your desktop might sound like a good idea, when you have the fan on in summer, it will infuriate you.

Follow these steps instead:

A Mural

A home mural designed on the wall that celebrates what makes your family unit so great, or what inspires you and has done since childhood, will allow you to symbolically remind yourself of the great work you do on a daily basis, and why you do that work. Over time, you could plant additions to this mural celebrating the work you’ve achieved as you succeed in your endeavours.

This mural will allow you to keep a positive mindset and keep you focused at all times. Feel lethargic and demotivated from working one day? Just take a look at the mural, and you’re likely going to be reminded about what works for you and why. Plus it simply looks fantastic.

Standing Desks

Standing desks have been popular for quite some time, and have numerous health benefits that are even more pronounced if you usually live a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re an artist, why not place your graphics tablet on a standing desk to emulate the old-school attitude of the renaissance artists? It sounds over the top, but where the crafting of great art is concerned, nothing is out of the question.


Purchasing a nice speaker system will allow you to play relaxing music that can allow you to unwind and stay in the zone. If you’re a writer, this can be very helpful. Writing fantasy novels? Play fantasy music. No matter what form of artist you are, it will take a beautiful impression on all of your senses in order to productively create. For the best listening pleasure think about investing in a Graham slee hifi, whose mission is to make a positive musical impression on the listener.


Harsh lighting might be too harsh, but LED lights can serve many custom functionalities, and can be tailored exactly the way you like. You can’t say the same thing about a standard fixed light. Maneuverability is online one of the plethora of LED lighting benefits that would serve your creative space well.

Once these decorating considerations have been sorted, consider making your zone a ‘quiet’ place and giving it a primary of purpose, meaning that you never enter unless you’re about to create or have to do work relating to the creative pursuit. You’ll develop a mental attitude of reverence to the space over time. What better way to pay respect to your amazing work?


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