Maintain Your Home To Save Some Serious Money

All too often we think about interior design as buying great new pieces of furniture or trying out some on-trend copper accessories. Whilst this is a part of interior design, making our interiors look lovely should be about maintenance as well as new purchases. By maintaining our existing interiors they should last much longer, saving us money. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to give your home a facelift without buying brand new furniture! Here are some of the home items which need maintenance, from boilers to upholstery, keep your home ticking over…

The Boiler

Not as glamorous as a new rug or as exciting as some scatter cushions, but the boiler is an essential part of the home. There are a few really compelling reasons to annually have your boiler serviced.

Firstly, having your boiler serviced regularly reduced the chance of an accident happening. Faulty boilers are far more dangerous than most of us realize. One of the main problems with a boiler that isn’t being checked is leaking.The boiler can, when they’re not taken care of, leak harmful carbon monoxide. This leads to carbon monoxide poisoning. At best this requires a trip to the hospital, at worst this poisoning can kill. Get an engineer to check your boiler for any leaks or weak spots and you’ll be absolutely fine. Regular maintenance can save you money too. Obviously keeping your boiler in tip-top condition reduces the chances you’ll need a new boiler. It can also reduce your fuel bills. A healthy boiler is a more energy efficient one.

The Furniture

If you have a piece of furniture you love, make sure you give it some much needed TLC. Proper care and maintenance will keep your most loved possessions in great condition for longer. There are a few ways you can look after your furniture.

If the upholstery is starting to look a little frayed and worn, get it reupholstered. For the crafty amongst you, you could try doing this yourself. There are plenty of Youtube clips showing how to reupholster furniture, and it’ll cut costs. If not, take your piece of furniture to a shop which provides this service. If your furniture is wooden use warm water and soap to wash it. This will help it to look fresh and new, just don’t use too much water. Removing dirt is the key, not soaking it! You can also get wood wax which helps furniture to maintain an attractive shine. Alternatively giving furniture a lick of paint can transform it and make it infinitely more modern.

The Windows

Anyone who’s ever had to replace their windows will know, it’s a costly job. Of course, over time your windows will suffer some wear and tear but maintaining them makes them last longer. Giving them a thorough clean is the first step. Don’t just concentrate on the glass either, the frames themselves and the difficult to reach areas need cleaning too. This will stop rust from forming. You might also want to invest in a protective seal. This strengthens windows and makes them less likely to shatter.


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