How To Love Your Living Room

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One of the easiest things that you can do when redesigning a room is to get carried away with it all. Ideas may never materialise as they come and go out of your head quicker than you can say ‘snap’, and if you don’t stay on track with what you want, you could end up with a mismatch of your personality splashed haphazardly around a room. Especially when redesigning your living room, there’s something that takes time, dedication and planning if you want to execute it perfectly. There’s a lot to take into consideration…


There are certain types of furniture which will last a lot longer than their counterparts. For example, a leather sofa will outdo a fabric one by years; they’re easier to clean and manage and won’t be as easy to split with regular use. You could keep it classic by investing in a Chesterfield sofa; these are truly the pieces of lounge furniture which will never go out of style, and are instantly recognisable. Choosing furniture that you know that won’t lose its appeal and retain some sort of price tag if you ever want to sell it is definitely the way forward when making your decision; going for ones which are neutral in colour and work with any colour scheme is also a great option. You don’t have to invest in a sofa that has a quirky pattern on it to get the look that you desire; simply add a few brightly-coloured and patterned cushions to it to really make it your own.

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Again, like the sofas, investing in quality will serve you better in the long run than going for something purely based on aesthetics. Taking into consideration the type of material that a piece of furniture is made from will do you well. For example, if you were going for a coffee table made out of glass or laminate-style wood, it probably would not last you as long as one that is made out of solid oak. The great thing about investing in a good, hard wood is that if you are bored of the colour of it later on, it can easily be painted and then sanded down back to its original state if you have made a mistake. It takes a bit of time to do, but the results are more than worth it.


Decorating your living room is a thrill; it is a direct reflection of your personality which you wish for your friends, family and guests to be able to see. There are some really cool ways to get this across, as well; you could frame your favourite original movie posters, put up photos of those whom you hold nearest and dearest, accessorize with bunting or pompoms and throw in a few houseplants for good measure. There is no end of ways to truly decorate a lounge, and there is definitely no wrong way to do it. Let your imagination and creativity show and ensure that it’s something that you will enjoy living with.


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