A Little Bit Countrified

Wherever you live – whether that’s a city apartment or a village cottage – you get to stamp your personality all over your home. If you are desperate for a change and want to decorate your home, why not go against the modern grain for a little more country in your life? Country chic décor is so in right now, and there are plenty of ways you can change things up at home and give your house a rustic, country feel.

You don’t have to live in a twee little house in the country with a thatched roof to embrace an outdoor theme. Check out our amazing tips to give your home a country makeover you can be proud of:

Reclaimed Wood. Wherever you look online lately, reclaimed barn wood is in. You can either decorate a whole room with air dried oak beams for sale, or you can add little additions like this beautiful photo frame in your home. Barn wood is mainly hunted for due to its rustic charm and it sits so well in a home with a country theme.

Pallet Furniture. On the theme of exposed wood, pallet furniture is on the up! Everything from coffee tables to kitchen shelves have been made by discarded and refreshed pallets. You can really transform a home with pallet furniture and you can sand and paint it any colour to suit your room. The best thing is that most pallets are discarded by large shops, meaning that you don’t have to spend the earth on them!

Mason Jars. Not just for fancy smoothies, mason jars come in all sizes. You can choose to use them as ornaments in the home, or pack them with jams and vegetables. They don’t have to be clear either, especially when you can find white ones like these to add to the kitchen. You can get the smaller ones to hold candles in the living room as well as the larger ones for ornamental purposes.

Lyrical Décor. You don’t have to love country music, but appreciating the lyrics of classic songs is something else! It’s not just wall stickers or decals either, when you can have doormats like this one with classic song lyrics. Typographical décor is very popular right now and there are lots of examples here online.

Colours. For a country home, pastels are your friend. Mint green and white. Pastel blue and pale lemon yellow. Think cream accents and pale brown décor, too. Your colour palette will vary room to room, but there’s a lot you can do with colours so play around until you find what suits your home.

Twine. Have you seen the bottles that are wrapped in twine? They make excellent decorative items through the house and if you want to branch out in a similar way, why not go for burlap décor to compliment?

A country chic home is all about natural colours and materials, with exposed wood and beams thrown in for that rustic, cosy look!


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