Letting Some Life Into A Lonely Living Room

Are you sick and tired of the cold vibes your living room is giving you? Never really had the chance to give it the kind of welcoming feel it should really have? Or maybe you tried the modern, minimalist look but found it all too impersonal? If you’re another person who just needs a bit more warmth and love in the home, here are a few good tips to make a living room that shows some life in it.

Have a bright idea

The first thing to do is banish all the dull neutral colours and let the room express itself with a few lighter, brighter shades. Besides rethinking the colour of the walls and furniture, you can really get that Spring liveliness in by getting a vase for some fresh cut flowers to accent the room. In the brighter months, it’s a good idea to get rid of any heavy curtains or window treatments that soak up too much of the light trying to get in as well.

Go natural

Flowers aren’t the only inspiration you can take from nature, either. If the room is feeling impersonal and cold, then using natural materials more freely can give it a real rustic sort of charm. Leather sofas are always a good choice, for one, and dark grained wood tables or shelves can work just as well. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and you have something like a fireplace, then exposed stonework can give the room a sturdy, comforting appeal.

Put some love in there

Beyond the right choices of colours, materials, and accents, you should fill the room with things that genuinely make you happy. For instance, create a gallery of your own memories with multi-picture frames that give pride of place to the people, places, and experiences that make you who you are. Every living room should have plenty of the people who actually live there in them. Postcards, any degrees or diplomas you might like to treasure, even a little space dedicated to your hobby. When you’re surrounded by things you love, it’s a lot easier to love the room you’re in, too.

Welcome all the senses

It’s not just about what you see, as well. Comfort is something we experience with the whole range of our senses. For instance, if you prefer a room where you can sit cosily and cut off the outside world, then a few soundproofing techniques such as insulation tape around the windows can help achieve that. You can’t forget that smell is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to affecting your mood, as well. Some scents for the house, whether through candles, diffusers or otherwise, can instantly change the way you approach a room.

The best finishing touch to put on the décor tips above is to have some good experiences in the room. You might invite some friends over for drinks and board games or even snuggle up next to the person or pet of your choice for a comfy movie night. You have to break the room in one way or another.


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