Let’s Dine Away!

Whatever happened to the old-fashioned dinner party? Is it something that you only see on TV now? Shows like Come Dine With Me has turned something quaint and quite lovely into a carnival of drunkenness and sheer embarrassment. The days when you could sit around, enjoy some great tasting food and discuss the week has been replaced with house parties and gatherings in the kitchen and granted, lots of people don’t have the space to make a room dinner party central. So let’s make the most of whatever room you have and bring the charm and class of a dinner party back! Here’s how you do it…

 Structure Your Room

The dining area has to be accessible from the kitchen and leave you enough room to entertain your guests. You need to make sure that everything is evenly spaced as there is nothing worse than a cramped dinner party where people are elbow to elbow. The focus and the anchor of your room will always be the table. Your choice of table depends on the space you have to play with, but if you have the space, you should make the most of pool dining tables as they are long and will easily accommodate a few people. Long tables are easier for the laying out of the food too. A round table is always awkward if you have people passing items back and forth.

The Acoustics

Don’t ever underestimate your room acoustics. If you’ve got a room where noise reverberates, it can make for a slightly annoying experience. Dinner parties are meant to be intimate affairs and cosy. Make sure that you deaden the sound wherever possible by placing drapes and fabrics over windows. They add a stylish background to your party, and they are practical with enhancing the voices and music.

The Sounds

Music tastes vary, and not everyone will prefer a light jazz accompaniment to your meal, but the music is not meant to distract, it is meant to enhance the atmosphere. Soft music will always be your go-to because of that very reason, you need to provide a suitable undertone to the dinner party. You want the conversation to flow, but you don’t want there to be silence when you’re eating. It’s about striking the right balance, and if you choose a playlist, you can carefully time it, so the tone of music increases after the food has finished so the mood can be lifted when everyone’s full.

Lights And Atmosphere

The big decider of party ambience is the lighting. Do you go bright and garish, or soft and intimate? Subtle and sparkling is the best way to go, which is why it’s always great to invest in a dimmer switch. You can play around and find the right amount of light for the dining experience. If you’ve only got one room available and it isn’t the best for letting light in, you can add mirrors for reflecting the glass and silvers, adding some much-needed brightness to your evening.


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