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The kitchen can definitely feel like the hub of a home, wouldn’t you agree? It can often be the room that the whole family congregates in at certain points of the day. It maybe in the morning where you drink your morning coffee and the children eat their breakfast before heading out on the school run. It might be in the evening when everyone has gotten home, one person is preparing tea, maybe children are doing their homework, and everyone is generally discussing their days. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that when it comes to decorating your home, the kitchen can be very high on the priority list.

However, there is no shying away from the fact that also the kitchen can be one of the most expensive redecoration projects you take on in your home. Have you priced up a full kitchen recently? Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the inspiring ways you can add some flair and style to your kitchen, making it a project that can be done within a budget. Whatever you decide to set.

Change the doors not the kitchen

We all know that a fully fitted kitchen can be expensive to replace, even if you are quite handy and can fit it yourself. But, half the expense is the kitchen shell that is already fitted in place, and the worktops that have been added. However, if you like the positioning of the cupboards and the layout of your kitchen, and it is in good condition, then there really is no need to replace these parts. This is when you could revamp your kitchen simply by changing the cabinet doors. Maybe you like a more modern look or something more rustic. This change alone could even make your kitchen appear to have been replaced entirely.

Add some colour

Colour is one of those things that can add a huge change and atmosphere to a room for a very little price tag. A quick paint of the walls can make a kitchen feel different and completely changed. Colour doesn’t need to just stop at the walls though, you could maybe paint the original kitchen doors or upcycle some of the furniture you have in there to create a different look.

Treat yourself to some new kitchen gadgets

Sometimes a few small changes here and there is enough to keep our changing demons at bay. So you may want to consider replacing some of the smaller gadgets you have in your kitchen. Perhaps a new microwave or kettle and toaster set, for example. There are always beautiful collections available. You may even want to make your kitchen function better with some added gadgets and things like water softeners. This can help to reduce damage caused by hard water to things like your washing machine or dishwashers, for example. Websites like Best Spy can showcase some of the best ones to consider. Small changes like this can make a big difference to our kitchens, how they look and how they function.

Just make one significant change

If you do have some room in the budget for something a little more extravagant, then consider making one significant change. Something like the flooring, or adding or replacing tiles on the walls can have a huge impact on how your kitchen looks, without the need for replacing the whole thing in its entirety. Kitchens work well with many floor types including tiles or vinyl, so there is sure to be an option to suit all budgets.

Replace older appliances

Whether they are integrated or freestanding, when was the last time you bought your washing machine, your fridge/freezer or your dishwasher, if you have one? Many of us make these purchases and then forget how quickly time can go by. Often, older appliances aren’t as energy efficient, which can mean a saving can be made to your bills when replacing them.

Have a move around

Finally, moving things around can often be all it takes to make a kitchen feel like it has been changed in some way. Rearrange the way you have things on your surfaces and countertops. If you have a family area in your kitchen add a table or a sofa, or change the layout of it to suit your needs. While you at it, give the kitchen a good deep clean and declutter the cupboards. You may be surprised to find old tins of food and things you no longer want or need lurking at the back of them.

I hope this has inspired you to make some changes to your kitchen.


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