Itchy DIY Fingers? What To Do In April

There’s something in the air when the first warm days of spring are there: It’s the call of renewal. It’s difficult not to want to see your house bloom in the same way than the flowers in the garden do – that is, if you’ve got a garden and it has flowers in it. So if you feel that your entire body is twitching with impatience at the idea of crafting something beautiful to celebrate the season of love and nature, then this article is for you. Today, we’ll look at the DIY projects, and other home renovation works that you can do during the month of April. Why not? Because the weather is nice, but it’s not so hot that it is unbearable to work.

Protect Yourself From The Next Cold Winter

If you’ve suffered from the cold, this winter, it’s a sign that your house doesn’t protect you against the fluctuations of the weather anymore. Often, this means that your windows let the cold air in. Unfortunately, this isn’t a DIY project that you can by yourself. Instead have a look at local contractors, such as Buckingham Double Glazing if you live in the Bucks, Beds and Herts areas, to replace your old windows. If this is too much trouble, you can focus on upgrading the insulation under the roof. This is the work of a weekend, and it’s completely DIY-friendly.  

Give Your Kitchen A New Life

Your kitchen is the room that suffers the most from the passage of time. It gets dirty, greasy and dull despite your best efforts to keep it clean. But if your appliances are still in working order, there is no need to change the kitchen. Instead, you can revive it with a little DIY love. You can paint your cabinets with melamine paint to give them a new finish. Complete the look with a full regrout of your tiles so that they can look clean and fresh again. Additionally, the kitchen walls can rapidly get dull as a result of cooking. So, you can pick a kitchen-suitable paint – this means that stains are washable without damaging the colours – to revamp your kitchen.

Revamp Your Forgotten Garden Into A Wildlife Paradise

Spring is the perfect time to change your garden structure and create something new with the old lawn. If you have a soft spot for wildlife, you could consider building a garden pond. This is the DIY project of a weekend. You will need to mark the perimeter of the pond and remove the turf. Then the digging can start: Remember to check that your pond shelves are level. You can use sand or a layer of soft material to protect the lining from rubbing against the ground. Then fill it up and watch the wildlife make it its home.

Update That Summer House

If you have a summer house in your garden, now is the best time to revamp it. First of all, think about what you want it to be: A playroom, a home office, etc. Its purpose will give it a décor. If you’ve used it for storage so far, it may be time to transform it into that craft office you’ve been dreaming of.


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