Inject A Little Luxury Into Your Living Room

When we think of all things decadent and luxurious, we may conjure up images of ornate Louis XVI style furniture, stained in gold with high-end floral fabrics, silken drapes and velvet throws. This sounds expensive. However, if you are after a luxury look for your living room, you can give your space a makeover without breaking the bank. The feel of a room can be made by adding in touches of decadence. You don’t need a living room clad head to toe in designer gear; you need to be intelligent with your use of accessories, colour, and fabrics. Take a look at these ideas to inspire your new living room design.


Where you sit to chill out and watch TV needs to be a relaxing and comfortable piece of furniture, somewhere that you ache to return to after a long day at the office. You cannot forfeit function over style for this piece of furniture. At the same time, you can’t keep that moth eaten corduroy sofa that’s been your favourite chair for the past twenty years just because it’s comfy.

Explore the array of different styles and materials on offer. Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, and the designs have never been more diverse. For a luxury look, it’s a good idea to go for a couch with sleek lines and unfussy detailing. The floral print nylon sofa has not been fashionable since 1987 and doesn’t look set to be making a comeback anytime soon. Consider leather, the ultimate luxury material. You could opt for a Scandinavian minimalist sofa or a more traditional Chesterfield. Either way, a luxurious look will be created.


If you are one for clutter, ornaments and hundreds of family photos taking up wall and table space, it’s time to have a clear out. You don’t have to remove every iota of personality from your room, simply minimise it a little. With less fuss, your designer look can take prominence.

If you have plenty of wall space, consider a feature wall. Take a look at the mind boggling choices of wallpaper and select a pattern that oozes opulence. A feature wall is a real opportunity to inject some creativity into your room.


For your living room to work, you need to combine the elements of luxury and comfort. Your television is your pride and joy; the high definition surround sound wizardry that you have invested in still needs to find a place to sit in your new opulent living room. That cheap veneered TV bench just isn’t going to cut it. To add a designer feel to your living space, look at the range of gloss TV stands available on the market. High gloss, glass, and perspex create a reflective surface bouncing light across your space, making it feel brighter and bigger. These materials are ideal for housing your entertainment systems. The addition of quirky LED lighting within the stands can elevate their designer feel and give you a talking point piece of furniture.

Mix It Up

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean white walls, wooden floorboards, and a single sofa. You need to strive for an eclectic yet measured style for your living room. Head to the local flea markets and antique shops to purchase some unique pieces for your living space. You could accessorise your space with a 1960s red office desk lamp, a Victorian ebonised mirror or a mid century Danish coffee table. By sourcing these sorts of pieces, you are going beyond the designer and venturing into the realm of the bespoke.

Combine vintage with modern and scour the boutique furniture stores for a couple of minimalist pieces. Think round mirrors, geometric rugs, and artisan cushions. With a little creative vision and experimentation, you can create a designer and unique look for your living room.

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Be Bold

Every designer look has a statement piece that people will either love or hate. Remember egg chairs? They were those science fiction like oval swivel chairs that were hugely popular amongst wealthier people in the ‘90s. They graced the cover of every designer homes magazine and yet as soon as they became fashionable, they fell out of favour.

Consider what you love and go with it. If you want a hammock, get a hammock. If you’d love a wrought iron sculpture in the centre of your room and it’ll fit through your front door, go for it.

The ultimate facet of any luxury look is the uniqueness it affords. By injecting your personality and flair for design into your interior, you will create the perfect designer look for you.


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