Improving the Floors That You Walk on Every Day

You walk on them every day, they take a massive beating, and they can easily get dirty. The floor of your home can suffer a lot, and it only makes sense to give them a little love once in awhile. However, changing your floors can be expensive and it requires a lot of moving your furniture around and cleaning out a room. It’s something that you can do alone to add a bit of style to your home, but it can also be an extremely costly renovation depending on the type of floor you plan to install.

The two main options that everyone has is carpet and laminate. In some cases, hardwood flooring is also used as an alternative for laminate. Without further ado, let’s go through a couple of options to help you decide what the best choice would be for your situation.


Carpet adds a much more intimate feeling to rooms and it’s great for country houses or if you want a soft surface to walk on. It’s typically much harder to maintain and you might need to hire a carpet cleaning service if your current carpets are nasty and dirty. You can also use steam cleaning mops to help give your carpet a much better look and feel, but sooner or later they will become lifeless and dull because you’re constantly stepping on them.

Carpets can also fade if used for a long period of time, and this is more evident if you don’t move your furniture around much. You’ll get large dark spaces where furniture is, and the rest of the carpet will be a completely different colour. Carpets can also harbour a lot of bacteria, germs, and it’s harder to find little bits and pieces that drop on the floor. This can be extremely frustrating for parents who have children. Although carpets are quite soft and make a brilliant surface for children and babies to crawl on, they can sometimes be unsafe due to how well they hide dirt and bacteria. Carpet is best for houses that don’t have small children and if you have the money and time to maintain them so they look perfect.


Laminate flooring is simple to install, easy to maintain and looks fantastic. It’s better for rooms that you want to look brighter because they reflect a bit of light and the shades are generally much lighter. Laminate is also perfect if you have children because any spills and mess can easily be cleaned up, whereas carpets will force you to steam clean the carpet and you may also get damage underneath the carpet.

However, laminate flooring can often be more expensive to buy compared to carpet. Although it’s simple to install and you can do it yourself, it does take a bit of effort and you’ll need to have some math skills in order to calculate how much flooring you need and where to start. For many parents, this extra cost is well worth it because of how easy it is to clean compared to carpet flooring. Laminate is the recommended choice for families, but keep in mind the initial costs of installation.


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