How To Add More Light To Your Home

There are some rooms in the house that just feel a little darker and more cramped than others. And isn’t because they are poorly decorated or painted dark colours, they just don’t seem to catch as much light as other spaces. So here are some quick tips about how you can add more light to any room in your home. 

Do you need as much natural light as you think you do? While it might look stunning in interior magazines, you might not need that white flooding of light. What do you do in that room? How much light is going to be required? 


Usually, windows are heavily overdressed. All of those curtains and blinds block more light than you might like to admit. And while the original idea of dark blinds was a good idea, the year moved on, and now you probably want to swap to something lighter. White brings, or lighter window dressings like voile are the quickest ways to soak the room in natural daylight. 

Equally, if the window is dressed heavily, even with light fabrics, the room is going to feel smaller. 


An excellent way to make white walls to lighter and brighter is to add darker contrasting furniture in there. Dark woods look chic and break up all of the white but in precisely the right way. 


Although many people say that this doesn’t work, artists are still playing with light and mirrors to significant effect. So for now, let’s go with it. You don’t just have to hang a mirror on the wall for this to work, you can, in fact, use any shiny surface objects. The more shiny surfaces you have, the more light will be reflected and bounced around the room. So consider things like chandeliers, wall mirrors, candle holders, plant pots, and other little design touches to help. 


If you have heavy doors in the house, or you only have a window out into the garden, then you might want to consider replacing them. Folding doors are the perfect thing to get more light directly into the room in question, as well as allowing all of the fresh summer air in you can find a folding door company to show you what is possible. And replace and sold doors in the home with glass ones. The transparent door will let light travel through. 

Light Fitting

If you have a single bulb fitting at the moment you are missing out on two things:

  1. More light in the form of exciting fittings 
  2. A design feature

In the last few years, there have been some beautiful lamp shade and light fittings on the market. From industrial-style coppers and black brush metals to wires wrapped around pieces of wood. 

So take a look at your current light fitting and see if it can be replaced with something that will allow the options of more bulbs. 


The old chestnut is that white walls make the room light more significant and brighter, and while that is true, nothing is stopping you adding well proportion art. If you get art in the right tones, the pop of colour will make all of the fixtures and fittings look lighter too. Think about sunset images or ocean scenes


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