Is House Hunting Without The Stress Possible? Yes, Yes It Is!

This was me on Saturday after a series of errors (some on my part) led to me losing BOTH hard drives in my “redundant” back up. 

Yes, you read that right. Some 44,000 photos gone in the matter of minutes. 

I have some secondary backups of certain things but that’s less than 20%. I’m not too concerned with any of the stuff that was uploaded to flickr, most of that stuff is replaceable over time.

Its the loss of all the wedding, social, family and party photos that is most troubling. 

Let this be a warning everyone, back up frequently and to more than once place.

Image From Flickr

Are you looking for a new home? More importantly, does the process make you want to scream into your pillow?! There is no doubt that searching for a house is a stressful experience. After all, it is down to you to get everything right and you are not an estate agent. Even the thought of it is enough to send shivers down my spine! Thankfully, no one has to put up with the pressure any longer. Yep, the rumours are true – there are ways to relieve the stress. But, before you start jumping for joy and thanking the Gods, you might want to know what they are. That way, they might be more effective!

Hire A Great Agent

‘Duh! Of course I know I have to hire an estate agent. I’m not an idiot!’ That is what most people think when they see a tip that is seemingly obvious. However, the appropriate word here is ‘great.’ Hiring any old realtor isn’t going to make the process any less stressful. The reason is simple: they only have their interests at heart. As a result, they won’t propose properties that fit the criteria, and they will try to guide you down the wrong path. The best agents care about finding you a great home. To do that, they grease their contacts, provide invaluable advice, and are available 24/7.

Know What You Want

However, even an excellent agent can’t read minds. For that, you need a psychic, and they don’t exist! As a result, it is vital that you tell the expert what you want from a property. Then, they can find the most desirable ones and set up a viewing. If you don’t, most of your time will be spent looking at homes that aren’t suitable. When this happens, people start to feel that they will be homeless and the stress starts to build.

Don’t Sell Up Just Yet

One of the best tips when buying a home is to hold off selling your current home. Now, this is a complicated situation because you more than likely need to sell before you can buy. But, it is possible to sell the house you live in now before you have a replacement. All this does is leave you in limbo, which of course is very stressful. Unless you have a place to go while you search, you need a home. Otherwise, it may tempt you to buy something that isn’t right for you and the family.

Get Pre-Approved For A Loan

Because it is one of the biggest transactions in your life, a mortgage is usually necessary. However, banks don’t always follow through when you need them the most. So, it is possible to find a place only to have your application rejected. There is no way to secure one in advance, but you can get pre-approved. This means as long as there are zero changes, the lender should approve the loan.

Of course, having this in your back pocket relieves a lot of anxiety.


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