Hot Tips For A Summer-Ready House!

The change in the season is one of the exciting times in the year and not just because of the sales. The blend of the colder seasons into the warm influences us all to take a deep breath and start getting our homes prepared for the hotter weather.

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Some people don’t realise that there is quite a lot involved in getting a home ready for the longer days, and it’s more than just preparing the garden for those lazy summer evenings. You need to think about the repairs that the house may need and the changeover of the décor. With these hot tips, you can spend your summer cooling off in the shade of the house instead of feeling hot under the collar!

  1. Think about the décor of your home. If you are someone who loves to swap out their throws and cushions to match the season, it’s time for an update! Swap those Christmassy cushions and photo decorations for pastel, bright colours and artwork with a beach motif. Think seashell photo frames and sunny canvases that simply ooze a summer feel.
  2. The décor of the home isn’t just about the inside, either. Think about the fact the weather being drier means you can repaint the outside of the house and touch up the window frames without running too much risk of rain ruining your fun! By repainting any peeling paint outside, you’re securing the wood for the summer ahead and helping it to dry out and repair with less risk of rot and damp.

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  1. If you’re fortunate enough to have air conditioning facilities in the home, get googling ac repair near me so you can make sure that your air conditioning unit is in tip top shape. There’s nothing more comfortable than sitting in a house blasted with cold air when the sun is scorching outside, but if your unit isn’t working properly you could be setting yourself up for a potentially dangerous situation. Being safe is always better than being sorry.
  2. Bugs like mosquitoes, flies and ants are always a problem as the weather heats up. You may be fortunate that your kitchen stays ant-free but what about those annoying little flies that seem to always find their way in through an open window, but can never get back out again? It may be a little dated, but net curtains like these on the windows are the perfect remedy. If you don’t have air conditioning, you’ll want to throw open the windows to tempt in a summer breeze without the side dish of flies. A net curtain can help you bring in the breeze but trap the bugs along the way.
  3. In the absence of a decent AC unit, a ceiling fan is a popular option. Did you know that your fan is designed to change direction based on the season? Clockwise helps to circulate the heat but counter-clockwise at a fast pace can encourage the distribution of cooler air.

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Your home can be a cool haven away from the scorching summer rays and it takes some preparation to get there. Enjoy the heat in absolute comfort this season.


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