Home Ideas With Added Value

The housing market today is forcing us to think imaginatively about how we add value to our homes. Whether you are looking to sell, remortgage or just want to increase its equity here are some top tips on how to make your home more valuable.

Go for an extra room


An obvious one but why not turn your three bed into a four bed with a loft conversion? If done correctly and sensitively it could double the investment you put into getting the work done in the first place. It’s not just ideal for an extra bedroom but also bathroom and home office. If you only have one bathroom in your home then bathroom pods is an an easy and cost-effective way of designing a brand new bathroom space that will add thousands to your property’s value.

Conservatory image from albianjournalism.com

Extend your living space


You can also extend your living space by adding a conservatory or summer house. This could be used for anything from an extra living room, a kitchen extension or play space for the kids. Increasing the square meterage of your home increased its value accordingly.

Ditch the garage


Although extra living space means extra money not when it comes to the garage. Normally a garage is used as a storage area rather than to house a car and the space could be much better utilised as garden space or to extend the living area as above.

Pave your way to success


If parking is a premium in your area why not create an instant car parking space by paving over some or all of your front garden area. It will give your property an edge over the rest of the street.

First impressions


If you are getting your house valued then first impressions count.  Make sure the front of your house looks appealing by painting walls, changing old windows and even refurbishing the front door so that you present a welcoming (and expensive) facade.

Reflection of  space


Hanging mirrors in the hall and on walls creates an illusion of space making your home feel bigger and more expensive.

Image from DSI Kitchens

Kitchen delights


If you upgrade one room in your home make it the kitchen.  A new kitchen can add thousands to the value of your home because it is usually top of a buyer’s wish list. Keep it simple, spacious and practical and you will reap the rewards.

Increase the usable space


Unless they are load bearing walls consider knocking through living spaces to create an open plan layout.  It will give your house a bigger feel and apart from the bedroom buyers aren’t normally concerned about the number of rooms downstairs. Always check with a professional builder first that the walls you target won’t bring the house down!

Space savers


You can never have too much storage! If your home has lots of nooks and crannies that aren’t being used turn them into space savers and increase the storage of your home

A room with a view


Adding glass doors doesn’t just increase the light within your home they also allow you to look out over your garden bringing the outside in even on cold, wet days.  They are also a great way of creating the feeling of space.


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