Helping Your Children Stay Safe Within The Family Home

Raising children can be a wonderful time. It is the most phenomenal, life-changing, humbling and educational thing you can ever do. However, it’s also only enjoyable when you ensure that all your bases are covered. This means of course ensuring that the child is well educated, has plenty to eat, and develops properly. However, it also means they are safe. There isn’t a worthwhile parent on planet Earth who doesn’t consider the health of their child to be of absolute paramount priority.

For this reason, it’s important to know how to keep a young child safe. Young children explore, and when they begin to walk around, that’s when you need to be your most vigilant. Let’s start within the family home. There are many areas of improvement you could take care of in this regard, but only if you’re wise.

Helping your children stay safe within the family home is only achievable if you:

Protect Sharp Corners

It’s important to see where your child could injure themselves. This horrible act of imagining your child running around your home and the worst happening is the necessary payment you must make to ensure it doesn’t happen. A good place to start is the corners of tables. This is especially important if wooden. While a ninety-degree wood fitting might not seem dangerous to an adult, to a child it could be potentially very painful to run into. You can purchase foam covers for your coffee tables, main dinner tables. You can fit these tot the perfect size of the implement you need to protect. Doing this will allow you to ensure that no matter how silly your children get running around the house, a table will never grossly injure them.

Drawers & Cupboards

While it’s always wise to raise certain dangerous items to be higher than your children can reach, it’s not always feasible for you to do so. After all, a child can injure themselves with almost anything in a drawer. While you may have cutlery, cleaning products and may other implements out of the way, you might need to store your plates and bowls in a lower area. For these areas, it can be worthwhile to install catches so these doors or drawers do not open all of the way.

Even a hidden, invisible prying hand can prevent a small child from opening these areas when you’re looking the other way. Simply press down on the catch with a little force, and you are granted access. This allows you to ensure that your child stays away from the heavier and potentially damaging items that they simply cannot have access to. However, it’s absolutely critical to still house dangerous chemicals or belongings at height, because this is not a fool proof strategy.


One of the most obvious methods of protecting your child is sometimes the hardest to enforce. Ensuring that your home is well taken care of works well, but sometimes simply protecting the exits of your home is a step in the right direction. It might be that you live in a relatively rural area, but ensuring that you keep a good view of your children at all times is essential. This means preventing them from leaving the garden by ensuring fences and roller garage doors are well maintained. It means locking the doors from the bottom when inside, because it can only take a few moments for your child to unlock a door and run into a road.

This will dramatically change depending on where you live and how many adults are in your home, but for the most part ensuring that there is absolutely no possibility of escape is perfect for a young child’s safety.

Electrical Outlets

It’s important for you to cover electrical outlets. You can purchase small plastic entries that allow you to cover plug sockets. At the right age, allowing a child to understand why avoiding them is important can also help them prevent making the wrong decision themselves. Ensure that the plug sockets in their room are protected. You can also buy installation boxes that prevent any form of water damage or difficulty for children who might be intelligent enough to remove plastic coverages.


The best thing you can do when it comes to protecting your child is educating them. This might be in a simplistic manner. However, simply talking to a child respectfully and with a concerned tone can be much more digestible for them than simply shouting at them when they do something wrong. While some things are of serious nature and do require this to hammer home the point, sometimes the light touch can help encourage the importance of safety in a child’s mind.

With these tips, your child is sure to stay protected and healthy in the family home.


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