Heating Your Home With Style

A new year may well have crept over the horizon and brought about a renewed sense of hope, ambitions and dreams, but the same old winter is still threatening to put all this want to achieve more in jeopardy. It’s just hard to get motivated when all you can think about is climbing under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows and whipped cream, of course!) with one intention: to keep warm.

Of course, the obvious option is to crank up the heating and then accept you’ll burst into tears when that energy bill finally falls through your letterbox at the end of the quarter, but that isn’t going to keep you warm at night.

Don’t despair, though; we’ve pulled together a list of stylish, gorgeous and gorgeously inexpensive ways you can keep the frost away until the sun comes back out to play:

  1. Delightful Drapes

There is no insulation more beautiful than a lovely pair of curtains. They don’t just do the job of trapping the warmth in your home, they do so with style and elegance, lifting the ambience of your home from the moment they are hung on a rail. It could be that you put a pair of voile curtains at the bottom of your stairs to keep the heat in your main living spaces, while adding another layer of grandeur to your interior, or you could opt for some long drapes that form a puddle on the floor, which is how we imagine every window in Buckingham Palace is styled. Of course, thicker is always better.

  1. Ravishing Rugs

Nothing looks more stylish and inviting as sleek wooden floors, the kind that greets you at the front door and draws your eye to the rest of the home. The problem is, they’re cold. Sure, they look warmer than a pumpkin-spiced latte, but they let the heat slip out (as your cold toes will have no doubt let you know). That is why you need to pop down to Ikea and invest in one/two/three/five (delete accordingly) thick-pile rugs to dot around your home. Put a sheepskin rug by your bed so that getting out in the morning feels amazing, pop a Persian number in your bathroom to make it more bearable in the middle of the night and plonk something luxurious down in your living room. You want something to nestle your nearly-frozen toes into.

  1. Fire It Up

Feeling warm goes way beyond just turning the heat up. It is embracing everything that makes you feel fifty shades of cosy. It is that hygge way of life. That is why a natural log fire has to be considered because nothing feels cosier than snuggling up on the sofa, blanket pulled up to your waist, last summer’s book in your hands and a fire crackling away in the background. Just thinking about it is warming us up ten degrees. Yes, they can be costly, but that dazzling statement is well worth the pennies, as your toasty tootsies will tell you.


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