Green: The Ultimate Guide To Eco Friendly Homes

Now, we hear a lot at the moment about the value of being eco-friendly and having a green home. The message is that it’s not only good for the environment, but it’s usually good for our wallets as well. But what steps can we take to actually have a more eco-friendly home? Read on to find out.


Dealing with water is a big part of being more eco-friendly in your own home. Part of it is fixing leaking taps and pipes, taking shorter showers or shallower baths. So not as much water is being wasted.


But another part of it is about reusing the water you do use. How can you reuse water, you say? Well, it is possible, and you don’t have to be a crazy eco-hippy to do it either. That’s right, put the urine collection bottle down, as we are not talking about anything so extreme!

Most of the water that our home use is for washing either ourselves or our clothes. Of course, once the water has been used in this way it cannot be drunk, but it can be used a second time.

Try collection this water, known as grey water to use in your garden. Or for washing your car. As long as there are not an excessive amount of soap, it will be fine.

Insulate your roof

Another biggie in term of having a green home is to look at where you can further insulate your house. This may be on the floors, the walls, and especially the roof.

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This is because up to 20% of your entire home’s heat can be lost through the poorly insulated roof. Which makes going to shops like Roofing Superstore and getting board insulation, a clever idea in terms of being green and in terms of your home budget. As you won’t have to pay so much to heart your property if it is well insulated.


Of course, one the honest way that we can be more eco-friendly at home is to reduce the amount of electricity that we are using.

Something that can help you do this is a smart meter, which shows how much energy you are consuming at that moment. Which helps you to realize which appliances are heavy users, and do need to be limited.

For example, having an electric fire, or fan heater often takes up way more electricity than putting the central heating on low. This means it’s using up more fossil fuels and costing you more. Even though it’s not the most effective way of dealing with the problem.

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Basically having a meter help you to be in charge of your electricity use, as well as just controlling it.

Consider double glazing

Also, in a similar vein to insulation, double glazing can make a real difference in the ability of your home to maintain a constant temperature, no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Of course having double, or even triple glazing has other benefits too. As it can help to minimise sound pollution from the outside and is better for home safety as well.

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However, to double glaze your entire home can be a costly investment. So it’s better to look around and get a quote from different providers before you make your choice. You should look not only at the type of window they are offering but also the aftercare service if anything breaks.

Build recycling into your life

A lot of folks can see recycling as a chore. It’s certainly not as easily as bunging all of the rubbish you have into the same bin and forgetting about it. That is why you have to make it as simple as possible for yourself and your family.

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You can do this by ensuring that there is always a place for each different category of recycling to be kept in. Then it won’t take over your home, and you are much more likely to stick to this goal.

You can also add to this idea by changing your perspective on material goods. That means before throwing things out, you can look at what other purposes they could be used for.

This can be from things as small as using a pair of tights as a duster. To upcycling a chest of draws into a new shelf. It’s just about shifting that perspective from consumer to preserver. Which of course benefits the environment, because less consumption means less waste and energy usage.  


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