Give Your Sleeping Quarters A Luxe Hotel Makeover

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a hard day’s work to a drab and dreary bedroom that fails to inspire. It’s enough to leave you feeling miserable.

But that’s not the way it has to be. Giving your ho-hum bedroom a luxe atmosphere is actually a lot easier than you think. Take a look at some of these ideas to give your sleeping quarters a luxury makeover.

Go With High Thread Count Sheets

Luxury hotels don’t like cutting corners, especially when it comes to their linen. Cheaper linens with low thread counts can leave a bad feeling less than luxurious. It doesn’t have to be this way. Find sheets with a thread count of at least three hundred and layer your sheets to give your bed that luxury, hotel feeling. Start off with a flat sheet, then add a middle sheet and finally, use a fitted sheet to hold the whole ensemble together.

Go All White


Luxury hotel bedrooms make use of lots of white. The reason they do this is to convince you of the purity of the cleanliness of the environment. Not only are the sheets almost always white, so too are the towels and even the decor. To help your bedroom feel clean, make sure that all the linen and upholstery is white, just like a luxury hotel.

To get really white sheets, set the washing machine to 60 degrees and add stain removal detergent to the wash to make sure that they come out dazzling. The whiter the appearance of your bedroom, the more heavenly it’ll appear.

Make The Bed The Central Feature

It goes without saying that the bed in your bedroom should be the focal point of the room. But it shouldn’t just be artistic. To really feel like a hotel, the bedding itself, as well as the mattress, have to feel luxurious and plush. Many people buy Salus beds, for instance, as a base and then layer it up with a careful selection of sheets, pillows and cushions. Then they take extra care to make their beds so that they look as crisp and as sharp as beds do in hotels.

Add Extra Pillows

Another way to make your bedroom more luxurious is to add pillows at every opportunity. Pillows help an otherwise flat bedroom come to life and “pop.” Most experts advise having at least four pillows on your bed to help give your sleeping quarters that extravagant feeling but, of course, you could always add more.

What are the best pillows? The best pillows are stuffing with either goose or duck down. However, this is cruel to animals and so many people are now opting for synthetic alternatives which are easier to wash.

Add Gold

Nothing smacks of luxury more than gold which is why so many people trying to recreate a luxurious atmosphere in their bedrooms add gold elements wherever possible. Just small flecks of gold around the light switch or on lamps can help create a luxe feeling and transform the mood of a room.


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