Give Your Bathroom A Luxury Makeover

Adding touches of luxury to your home is a must for those who like the finer things in life. It’s important to remember that you don’t need a five-star budget to have five-star luxury in your home. A tidy, clean bathroom can be elevated into celeb status with just a few tweaks here and there and if you are struggling for ideas for your bathroom makeover, check out our amazing ideas:

Change The Fixtures: The smallest changes like swapping those old, brass faucets out for a waterfall faucet like this one for your bathroom sink can make such a difference. While we are on the subject of sinks, replacing a basin that was ceramic for another, more modern one will make a huge difference to the overall look of your bathroom. Who needs basic when you can have luxurious?

Add A Little Nature: Whenever you walk into a spa, the first thing you notice is the greenery. Whether it’s a vase of beautiful, brightly coloured flowers or a plant pot with a small bush, adding a little nature to your bathroom can give it that spa-like feel. Some people prefer to choose plastic or silk plant life instead of fresh flowers, but you won’t get that same luxury effect if you go that way.

Go For Bubbles: If you have a large bathroom space, why not add something from a range of hot tubs? Hydrotherapeutic jets massaging you after work can be achieved in your own home without the need to head for a long spa weekend. To own a hot tub is the height of luxury, just make sure you choose the best one for your bathroom size.

Light It Up: Bathrooms are standard for harsh strip lights or spotlights in the ceilings. They’re usually installed for safety purposes and bathrooms are generally smaller rooms. Go bold with your lighting choices and opt for lower hanging lampshades or small chandeliers for a softer lighting look.

Go Gold: Chrome and silver are bathroom staples, but if you want to go for something a little glitzier, swap out those chrome fittings for gold instead. Of course, it doesn’t have to be real gold, which would be luxurious but it would kill your budget. Go for gold plated options and if you prefer a subtler look, accent your current bathroom colour with gold mirror frames and gold faucets. Sometimes, less is more!

Sophistication Is Key: When you walk into a hotel bathroom, there are often touches of luxury that make it look better than any bathroom you have at home. Stacks of rolled towels in heated towel rails, aromatic candles and diffusers can make an ordinary bathroom look that much more inviting. Make your bathroom shine by mimicking your favourite hotel look.

Your whole home can look stunning by making a few subtle changes. There’s nothing wrong with playing to the top end of your budget to give your bathroom a sprinkle of glitter. Get busy with interior design and you can end up with a gorgeous place to relax and unwind!



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