Getting Your Garden Prepped For Summer

Don’t wait until summer to sort out your garden. Taking action now will allow you to spend your summer garden time relaxing and soaking up the rays. Here are a few preparations worth doing now.

Spring clean your garden

Over the winter months, lack of sunlight and weather damage will have taken its toll. Most of us also tend to neglect are gardens during these cold months, letting them become overgrown. Before summer arrives, dedicate a day to a spring clean. Clear debris, eliminate weeds and mow the lawn back to a manageable length.  You may want to add some fertiliser here and there to prevent patchy grass and get weather-beaten plants back to full form. If you live in area that gets the heat, now might be the time to install water butts to keep your grass hydrated.

Create a social area

If you haven’t already got a decking area or patio, now may be the perfect time to get one installed. These can make a great social area of your garden for putting deck chairs and tables, great for eating al fresco on a summer evening or inviting friends round for a garden party.

Searching online, you’ll find many companies that can provide ideas for beautiful patios. Alternatively, if you’re a dab hand at DIY, you can build a patio area yourself. Also consider features such as a fire pit that can be incorporated into a patio and provide warmth in the evenings.

When it comes to decking, this is a much easier job to do by oneself, although you may still want to save the hassle and hire a professional. Decking areas can be raised to give a veranda feel. Just make sure in all cases that you seek planning permission first.

Buy a new barbeque

Barbeque prices shoot up in summer when the demand is high. Buy early and you could save yourself a few quid. Expensive electric barbeques and wood burners in particular are great purchases in winter/spring, where you may even save a couple hundred pounds. If you’re also needing new barbeque tools, this is also prime time to buy.

Take prevention methods against pests

Slugs and snails may have had a free chance to roam during the winter. Spring may have brought termites and ants to move into your garden too. But it’s now time to defend your turf! There are a number of Pest Control Experts available online, where you can get reliable research and advice on how to protect your home and garden from pests like these.

Whilst you’re tackling these pests you should also take measures against other critters. Wasps can build nests in sheds and attics and lay wait there over the winter, only to come out in the summer months. Check that you haven’t got any nests hanging about that could disrupt your summer evenings later on in the year. Also make sure to fix up holes in the fence where the foxes might be making an easy entrance.

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