Getting Fitted: 3 Ideas For Making A Home ‘Smoother’

The contemporary home design style has been fighting back against the prevailing winds in 2020. Many prominent designers in various house and style magazines have been calling for a radical rethink of the home. This inevitably has meant that the contemporary style of sleek lines, minimalist approach and neutral color scheme domination has been challenged. So we’re here to make the case for this amazing style and loud how awesomely it makes the home ‘smooth’. With a lot less hangover, the fitted contemporary style is a blessing to any family living space. It’s constantly changing and innovating how we use storage spaces and space in general.


Fitting kitchen unit

The island has been a fixture of the modern home since about the 90s. It truly became more than just a place for meal prep, but rather a place for hanging out and making memories. This, however, was largely shunned by apartment designers as the fitted kitchen unit was the more preferable option. It’s making a comeback because islands are expensive to build, take up a lot of room and they don’t lend themselves well to adapting. So, the fitted kitchen unit can be chosen for its simple worksurfaces, neat cupboards and drawers which are at the head and hip heights. The material choices are bountiful, as you can have acrylic, vinyl, wood, metal, glass and a mixture of multiple.

Contemporary homes not only look chic but need to be practical too, therefore wine storage solutions can turn any room or space into the perfect wine cellar.

Fitted box shelves

Floating shelves were once upon a time, the marvel of modern home storage. Easy to grab anything off of, and yet, easier to put up. Anyone at home could place floating shelves wherever they wished. However, box shelves are now popular fitting for wall storage. Why? Well, they protect your items from falling off and they double as a double-shelf. You can use the internal shelf for decorations and the top for practical use. Inside you can place plants or candles, and on the top shelf, you can place small bowls for car keys or magazines for reading. Box shelves can go anywhere, especially near the windows. As the natural light bounces around inside, the items you place can be seen more clearly. And there will not be any shadows! 

Fitted boutique wardrobes

Wardrobes have been a great source of pain for contemporary home designers. The task is to make a huge item, flatter, sleeker and able to still provide ample storage for all of your clothes and shoes. These fitted wardrobes are a prime example of what you can achieve when you have phenomenal designers working for you. Chic, boutique and contemporary to the core, these fitted wardrobes are made from adjustable legs, soft-close doors and drawers as well as 165-degree wide-angle hinges for greater openings. Set in the classic neutrals that we have come to know and love, the lightweight materials make this a joy to have in your bedroom.

Contemporary styling is something that is not only chic but also practical. Fitted items such as these manage space, aesthetics and ease of use, in a delicate and most splendid balance.


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