Fall In Love With Your Home Again

When you’ve lived in your house for a long time, it’s strangely difficult to notice the signs of wear and tear. You might feel, deep down, that your home isn’t as fresh and fancy as it used to be. But, hey, we’ve got to live there – it can’t be a showhome all the time! Of course, as time goes by, it’s also quite easy to become bored by our homes. We’re staring at the same decor and layout for so long we don’t seem to notice it anymore. It’s time to get busy and give your home a little TLC.

Start with the ceiling. It’s always best to work from the top down, after all. Over time, regardless of cleanliness, white paint starts to yellow. A fresh coat of good quality paint isn’t all you’ll need to brighten the place up, though. Think about cornicing, and don’t forget the light fitting. These things can be added, replaced, or enhanced to create a whole new look for your room. Modern styles use ceiling embedded spot lights. Traditional properties may have wall uplighters, or an ornate ceiling rose.


The walls of your room may have had the odd knock or dodgy paint job over the years. Preparing your walls thoroughly before you paint or paper them will give you a much better finish. Don’t forget the fireplace. These often get quite dirty, even if they are only an ornamental feature. Visit specialist companies like Westland antiques to find an appropriate style for your property. There’s nothing wrong with adopting a period theme in a modern house either.

Skirting boards are a major part of the look and feel of the home. If you have a period home, it’s best to replace like for like. Painting the top surface of these is always tricky so use painter’s tape to get a clear edge finish. If you’re fitting a carpet or changing your wooden floor, be sure to finish any work on the skirting boards in good time for it to dry.

Flooring can be practical, and it can be beautiful. Of course, it can also be quite expensive to replace! If you’re worried about feeling cold in winter, stone, slate or wooden floors can still be warm. Underfloor heating needn’t be a luxury. Rugs are ideal for softening up a room too. Carpets are tough to keep hygienic and looking fresh year after year, so you might want to choose a different option.


Once you’ve freshened the room, it’s time to consider furniture. Your hallway may not be big, but don’t be afraid to add a chair, a small table, or a cabinet. It can still be a practical space! As for your living room, consider colourful soft furnishings to brighten up any sitting space. Geometric patterns are still very popular this season, but they don’t have to be bold or brash.

Period properties scream out for ornate furniture and detailed fabrics. If this isn’t to your taste, don’t feel bullied into having them. Instead, pick colour schemes that work for you, and add just one or two details to reflect the character of the house. Fall in love with your home again.


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