Essential Luxuries

Now before you all get on your high horse and tell me that I’m living the middle class, dream let me clarify what I see essential luxuries as. Not a wine cellar, or a swimming pool, or sauna. But the thing that might cost a little extra, but you can justify having in your home for other reasons. Things like a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom, or a fridge specifically for wine in the kitchen. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Fitted wardrobes

The famous, fitted wardrobe fits into the essential luxuries category because there aren’t always the cheapest things to have installed, but boy can they make a difference! Think of it like the difference between buying a dress off of the rack and having something made specifically for you.

The off the rack one looks nice, but the specially tailored make you look sensational! That is what it’s like having a fitted wardrobe.

This is because they are designed to maximise the space in the room that you have without being too intrusive. Also, you get to optimise the interior so you can have specific areas for shoes, draw for belts and accessories and the like.

Basically, if you love to be organised then a fitted wardrobe with all the trimming is a dream…, I mean essential!  

Wine fridge

OK, so having a wine fridge is, in my book a necessary luxury. For one, it’s not a wine pod or cellar that requires you to have building work done on your house just to install it. You can buy them ready to be installed and fit them in whatever space you have.

Secondly, why not have something that will enhance your experience of enjoying something that you love? Many folks love the odd glass of vino at the weekend, or a dinner party, and is there really anything wrong with drinking it properly; at the correct temperature? I don’t think so.

Underfloor heating

Something else that may fall into the essential luxuries category are things like these Polypipe Underfloor Heating Kits.  Underfloor heating tends to be seen as something that is at the high end of the market, as it’s a fairly modern (re)invention, as the Romans used it apparently!

However it’s pretty easy to justify it, because not only does it give you that divine feeling of having warm feet wherever you are in you home. But it’s also great for making the entire house easier to keep warm during the winter months, and what could be more essential than that?

Smart lighting

Lastly, another essential luxury to consider is smart lighting. This is when you use a smart hub and specially designed bulbs to control the light in your home.

It differs from normal (dumb?!) lighting because you can control it all from your phone. Dim the lights without the installation of a physical dimmer switch, and have all sort of colours and scenes to match your mood.

Now, you could argue that right now smart lighting is a luxury. But in the near future, it’s likely to be common place. Just like how we went from gaslight to electric, and no one would say that an electric light was a luxury, now right? It just means you’re just a little ahead of the game.


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