En-Suite VS Dressing Room. The Great Renovation Debate

When you get a little cash in your back pocket, it’s natural to want to upgrade elements of your home. Not necessarily for the value of the house, but for the fact you get to enjoy the renovations that you could make. One of the biggest questions among homeowners is whether to add an extension to the back of the house, or go for a little bit of luxury and add an extension to the bedroom and enjoy that instead.

If you want to add to your bedroom you have one of two choices: a luxury en-suite bathroom from companies like https://bathroomtakeaway.co.uk/  or a dressing room with storage for shoes, belts and even jewellery. Of course, if you have the space you could always extend to both of these, but most don’t have that luxury! So, which one should you go for?

En-Suite Bathroom. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you’ll know exactly why people love to have an en-suite. Usually an en-suite has either a bath or a shower and rarely both together. You can even go for a wet room like these instead of just the standard little bathroom. Having an en-suite in the home has always been a sign of luxury and if you have upgraded with enough cash to add one to yours, you’ve just risen in the luxury stakes! It doesn’t matter if you have a regular family bathroom downstairs, it doesn’t mean you have to choose one to use. An en-suite is your personal shower room and so you can make it as luxurious as you like.

Dressing Room. Dressing rooms used to be a thing of the past, starting out as a private closet in the Tudor times. However, in recent years, the wealthiest of homes have been blessed with dressing rooms for both men and women, with features such as lighting independent of the other rooms, soft close cupboards and drawers that hold everything. Built-in wardrobes are always a blessing in a bedroom but imagine having that as well as floor to ceiling mirrors and revolving rails with your shirts and skirts in colour order? When you choose to have a dressing room, you are choosing to have a private space dedicated just to your belongings and you can feel like you’ve arrived just for having that room in the house!

Whichever way you choose to go for your renovation, you should choose the item that’s most practical. Ladies with little ones would always go for the extra bathroom space, especially during pregnancy or on those very long night feeds. Working couples could always opt for his and hers dressing rooms so that they can coordinate and free their bedroom of furniture that holds all their clothes. Whatever option you choose, you should think carefully about what you want from your home and whether you are adding value or simply adding a little touch of luxury. Either way, you’re onto a winner with either of those choices!



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